I took notice recently of Heather Dinich's  ACC blog on and a question stood out to me. WHY SHOULD UNC FANS HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS?  It was from a guy in RaleighMoo-town(No bias of course!!!) about why she was pushing UNC for high expectations. The poster used that idea that UNC was returning the majority of its players from last year as the reason why you shouldn't be excited about 2010.  Pointing to the Top 10 defense that gave up 4 touchdowns to NC STATE (Shocker there!!!) and the lack of production at times on the offense. 

  This is why rival  should shut up sometimes.

Now I can understand why some would have questions about UNC, I have them myself. I can understand you not thinking they can do much given the track record of high expectations with this program. For the life of me, I cant understand why a rational person(assume NCSU fans are rational) would not know why UNC has raised expectations. They beat both Va Tech and Miami last year, both of whom you could call the favorites this year to win the Coastal Division in 2010. Ga Tech is reloading. UVA is beginning new this year and Duke is rising. Take a look at a couple programs rebuilding projects and compare to UNC.

Michigan:  Rich Rod

2 years:  3-9 and 5-7, with him having to win biglarge in his 3rd year to keep his job. The talent level was Top 20 when he arrived and has remained there and he has been his own worst enemy. Adapt to what you have now and bring in your type of kids as you go! He has run off several high profile players and changed things too fast at Ann Arbor. He can coach(Guy know offense) and can build programs( see WVa) but this wasn't a rebuilding project. He needed to fix the offense and keep the defensive tradition going. If he gets it going look out, He needs to win games, but really needs to beat OSU now!

Clemson: Dabo Swinney

1 year*: 9-5 and ACC Championship game appearance. He took over for Tommy Bowden halfway into the season and was 4-3 with bowl game appearance. The team he took over was Top 10 talent and preseason uber-hyped.  His first year was very good, with some small chips here and there. Tommy built this program and it was far from a wreck when he took the helm. He has recruited very well and seems to be doing a fine job. I would wait about 2 more years before claiming him a success or failure. Noteworthy: Dabo is changing the recruiting focus to less North Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia and more Georgia and Florida and Southern States. I can see how and why one would do this, recruits a plenty in all. Dabo might however want to remember one thing: The Mid-Atlantic has been very good to Clemson football never forget your roots. Tommy knew this and its one thing Dabo might want to keep. Could be the thing that vaults his program or ruins it.

NCSU: Tom Obrien

3 years: 5-7, 6-7 and 5-7. According to most people blue and red, TOB took over a program that lacked control under Chucky the Clown see above. The program didnt lack funding (thanks to red shoes) or talent(see Alan Micheal-Cash, Russell Wilson, Toney Baker, Jamelle Eugene, etc,etc,etc. Amato might have been a loose cannon but he could recruit talent. TOB has cleaned up the streets and recruited well and the right kind of kids(maybe). He seems to be safe in his job even with a an overall losing record and no winning seasons(3-0 versus UNC equals job security). Next year will be huge to him and NCSU. Will they break out or break down? Either way he gets at least 2 years to figure it out, I give the wolfpack fans and shootcallers alot of credit, they give you time to success or fail. 

DUKE: David Cutcliffe

2 years: 4-8 and 5-7. Not much to say here. Duke has won 9 games in 2 years!!! Ted Roof didnt win 9 games in 4 plus years. Fred Goldsmith won 9 games in 2 years in 1994 to 1995.  The guy can coach and recruit well. He like Coach Davis had a major rebuild project in front of him and he like Butch is ahead of schedule. Of course its Duke so I hope he fails but I see nothing but better days for this guy and school(dammit). He already was offered the UT job, Dont read what people say about talking only, if UT would have taken his assisants he was gone.  Duke should consider this the golden years how they treat football today.

UNC: Butch Davis

3 years: 4-8, 8-5 and 8-5. You know most of this story. John Bunting, good man, loves UNC, Beats NCSU, loses players like they have a expiration date.  Take NCSU and Duke stories and combine them and you have UNC football before Butch in the middle. BMFD turned UNC in his second year and is building nicely. He has recruited very well. He has done such a good job, some  would argue he has underachieved(0-3 vs. NCSU and UVA). 3 years ago UNC was a joke of a football program and now we underachieve. My exceptations are always going to be too high, but most people can agree with me. UNC should do well.


So NCSU fan: Do Heather Dinich, UNC fans , Duke fans and other rivals a favor. SHUT THE HELL UP!!!   Its spring football and everyone is excited about thier programs. Any talk today about UNC football for pure excitement! We have no way of knowing what will happen this year or any year. If you asked me last year, I would have told you that NCSU was going to be 8-5 or even 9-4. Let us just enjoy the hype for one hour please!!!

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