Martin Report Released

The long awaited report from former Governor Jim Martin was presented to the UNC Board of Trustees today. Yes, it basically said what you thought it would.

You can read the full report here.

Doc will be along later will a full analysis of the report. Here are some of the highlights.

  • The report looked at 18 years and over 172,000 class sections were reviewed.
  • The gist of the report is that the academic anomalies can be traced as far back as 1997 and is mainly isolated to the AFRI/AFAM department, Julius N'ynagoro and Deborah Crowder.
  • No other departments outside of AFRI/AFAM were implicated though "red flags" were discovered but ultimately explained.
  • The report found there was no evidence to support collusion between athletic department academic advisers and professors to provide easy classes. It also states that athletes did not receive favorable treatment.
  • Governor Martin stresses from the beginning that this was not an athletic scandal but an academic one.
  • Martin contacted N'yangoro and Crowder for interviews but both refused to answer calls or messages left for them.
  • Martin did not interview anyone associated with the basketball program but did talk to various football related personnel including former coach John Bunting, former player Deunta Williams and former offensive coordinator John Shoop.

Based on a cursory viewing of Twitter, the report is not being received well by critics of UNC(not surprising) and even more neutral to pro-UNC individuals have raised concerns. There is an impression that the probe did nothing but simply confirm UNC's past conclusions on the matter leaving multiple stones unturned and casting undue aspersions on the AFRI/AFAM department. Of course it is possible the report is just a well-crafted shield meant protect the legacy of Dean Smith and keep the NCAA at bay. It is also possible the report is correct in its assertions.

Ultimately the NCAA is probably going to look at this report, accept its conclusions and refrain from additional action against UNC. Assuming the Board of Trustees and the UNC Board of Governors accepts the report and its findings then this is likely the end of the scandal. Obviously Dan Kane and the News & Observer will continue to dig and delve hoping to uncover something more. Barring anything earth shattering, we might be looking at the final chapter in this whole sordid affair.

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