Liveblogging the 2012 NCAA Tournament Selection Show

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 11: Head coach Roy Williams of the North Carolina Tar Heels reacts as he coaches against the Florida State Seminoles during the Final Game of the 2012 ACC Men's Basketball Conference Tournament at Philips Arena on March 11, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Unlike the fancy technology in the comments, you'll have to reload this page for new updates. Onward towards the best weekend of the year:

5:30 pm And the Big Ten gives us the first nail-biting championship game since I've been doing this, with Michigan State outlasting Ohio State 68-64. Thirty minutes until show time, and I'm less sure of UNC's one-seed.

5:33 pm There's no way UNC doesn't spend the first weekend in Greensboro, however.

5:35 pm Tom Izzo motivates his players by talking about footprints left in the sand? Isn't the whole point of footprints in the sand is that the tide comes in and washes away any trace of it?

5:38 pm CBS runs through UNC-FSU highlights too quickly. Greg Anthony doesn't have time to make a coherent thought.

5:41 pm My Twitter feed is full of people talking about the same two or three guys' bracket projections, like they're actually things with an official say on the way the bracket works out.

5:43 pm Judging by the Subway commercial, Blake Griffin hasn't developed a personality since joining the NBA. AT&T is really riding the "Our 4G phones are for complete assholes!" theme pretty hard, though.

5:45 pm Dayton is throwing a street festival to celebrate four mediocre teams coming to play basketball on Tuesday. Ohio, everybody!

5:46 pm Georgetown sets up John Thompson for an interview in an arena, with the CBS show on fifteen-second delay. They did provide a ficus for a backdrop, though.

5:47 pm Frank Haith now being interviewed. Odds of him being asked about the Miami suspensions slightly smaller than BC making the tournament.

5:50 pm A .gif from a State fan:


5:51 pm So far the coaches CBS has on speed dial are John Thompson, Frank Haith, and Bill Self. Roy Williams and UNC are probably on a plane.

5:53 pm Microsoft using dub step in commercials is just odd.

5:55 pm Tom Crean brings out an adorable daughter for his interview. I head to Twitter to make a ventriloquist's dummy joke because I'm a horrible person.

5:57 pm Add Crean, Shaka Smart, and New Mexico's coach to the list of interviewees. All say their team and conference are very deserving. Shocker!

6:00 pm All right, game on.

6:01 pm Kentucky the number one overall. We don't even get a region, or the other seeds.

6:03 pm Kentucky in the South. This is bad.

6:04 pm Syracuse in Boston. UNC in St. Louis. Michigan State in Phoenix.

6:05 pm UNC will get Kansas or Mizzou in St. Louis. There's no way this doesn't happen. East plays Midwest and South plays West by the way.

6:09 pm We'll get Kentucky's region first. Last chance to express how much I want Duke to be UK's number two.


6:15 pm I get my wish. Duke's half of the bracket is pretty rough though. I'm not sure they can beat Baylor or UNLV. Indiana getting sent out to Portland is ripe for an upset, too.


6:23 pm And there's the West. Iona is a surprise, and one that will have State fans sweating. I like Virginia's chances against Florida (but not Missouri). Louisville is a first or second round upset waiting to happen. Michigan State - New mexico should be fun.


6:31 pm And that's the East. A pretty easy bracket; FSU should do well here. And, of course, this means the Midwest will be brutal, Kansas will be the number two-seed, and the whole thing will take place in Saint Louis.


6:40 pm And here's UNC bracket. Kansas's road to the Elite Eight is ridiculously soft. UNC's is a bit more difficult, but not insurmountable. And yes, the NCAA made Sate fans wait until the very last announcement before letting them know they're in.

6:43 pm The whole State as the last team named has really thrown me off my game. I've been ignoring the CBS commentary. There's such a drop off in talent after the first eight or nine teams, it's tough to make any judgements.

6:46 pm Creighton is 3rd in the country in three-point shooting percentage. Alabama is 331st. SO there's a clear rooting interest for Carolina fans. I think Alabama will get mauled, though. I have no respect for the SEC.

6:48 pm Head of the selection committee Jeff Hathaway all but says Michigan State would not have been a one seed had they not won the Big Ten Championship. Of course, that probably would have just swapped Mizzou and MSU, because they weren't going to put Missouri and Kansas in the same region.

6:50 pm Nantz asks the Kentucky Atlanta vs. St. Louis question. They felt Atlanta was the natural region for Kentucky. Damn it, Wildcats if you were a little less redneck this whole thing would have turned out better.

6:53 pm Other interesting note Duke was not the last number two seed in. They broke the S-curve; the actual number two was Missouri. Which makes my whole comment at 6:48 wrong. Michigan State screwed us.

6:56 pm Greg Anthony picks Vanderbilt in the West, UNC in the Midwest. Seth Davis, Duke alum, prefers Kansas.

6:58 pm Over to ESPN; what's Dick Vitale angry about? (He likes Kentucky, obviously.)

6:59 pm Don't call your post-selection show Bracketology, ESPN. Just put Joe Lunardi back in his shipping crate and discuss the brackets.

7:00 pm Jay Bilas is surprisingly muted in his criticism of the bracket. Thinks California, Michigan, and Memphis were mis-seeded.

7:12 pm Doug Gottlieb is very, very angry about the teams selected, which if anything supports my belief that the committee did well in selecting the teams to make the tournament.

7:15 pm Lamar played back-to-back games against Kentucky and Ohio State in December by the way. They lost both by 20 or more points.

7:18 pm Lamar is also one of only five teams in the country who shoot a lower percentage of threes per shots taken than UNC does. I'm leaning towards rooting for Lamar.

7:20 pm Dick Vitale is annoyed people aren't talking about Duke.

7:27 pm CBS – by way of TruTV – has Midwest as the easiest region. Or the hardest. It has the smallest arbitrary number of four arbitrary numbers.

7:32 pm ESPN points out that the last three times Duke has been a two-seed, they've failed to make the Elite Eight. With Mike Brey's Notre Dame, Baylor, and UNLV all in their half of the region makes it likely they won't make it this season, either.

7:36 pm Looking at other regions – because both ESPN and TruTV are obsessed with the South – I'm salivating for an Ohio State-Florida State matchup. And did Doug Gottlieb just make his pick of UNLV over Colorado like it was a daring denial of the conventional wisdom?

7:39 pm Bill Self is not complaining about his two-seed. Bill Self is salivating about playing UNC in the Elite Eight, but is not saying that part out loud.

7:43 pm Did Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith not watch the Big Ten Championship? They're very big on Memphis and not saying much about Michigan State at all.

7:50 pm Kenny Smith, coming out and saying Asheville can give Syracuse trouble. Everyone else has the Orange making the Elite Eight easy. In the Midwest, Seth Davis picks Belmont over Georgetown and thinks Temple could be difficult for UNC.

8:12 pm I've been hanging on waiting for ESPN to discuss the Midwest, but it's getting brutal. I think CBS locked up all the coaches interviews, and the World Wide Leader is really struggling.

8:15 pm Everyone's talking a Doug McDermott vs. Harrison Barnes matchup, but won't McDermott find himself guarded by John Henson?

8:16 pm ESPN's analysts try to find a team other than NC to make it to the Elite Eight. Everybody's got nothin'. Bilas tries to say god things about California and Michigan.

8:21 pm All right, I now have Jim Boeheim and John Calipari on split screen. Calipari is still spouting that "Well, I haven't seen our bracket yet..." nonsense. Boeheim appears to hate his team. I hate coachspeak. I think I'm done for the evening. 'Night.

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