Tale of the Tape: UNC-Richmond

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Here is how the Tar Heels match up statistically with the Spiders of Richmond.

North Carolina Richmond
Conference ACC A-10
Record 2-1 3-1
KenPom Rank 28th 94th
Points per game 75.3 68.3
Points per possession 1.05 0.97
Offensive Efficiency(Rank) 109.9(43rd) 102.6(182nd)
Defensive Efficiency(Rank) 94.0(23rd) 96.6(49th)
Tempo(Rank) 71.5(94th) 66.3(303rd)
Offensive eFG% 51.4% 43.8%
Defensive eFG% 45.9% 42.9%
Field Goal % 48.6% 40.2%
3P FG% 33.3% 18.7%
Offensive Reb Rate 36.4% 26.6%
Defensive Reb Rate 80.2% 69.4%
TO Rate 18.6% 14.2%
FT Rate 49.7% 40.2%
KenPom win probability UNC 75%

The first number that is going to jump out to everyone is Richmond shooting 18% from three point range in their first three games. That includes leading scorer Cedrick Lindsay being 2-13 from three. The Spiders have Wayne Sparrow who is 1-14 and Deion Taylor who is 1-10 from beyond the arc. Through four games Richmond is 17-91 from three.

Anyone care to take a wild guess which one of these guys has a career game shooting threes on Saturday?

A quick glance at these stats reveal Richmond to be a slower tempo team that hasn't shot the ball well and has not produced much in terms of great rebounding numbers. The Spiders are fairly accomplished on the defensive side of the ball ranked 49th in defensive efficiency and holding teams to 42.9% eFG% which are both top 50 numbers.  Richmond's opponents have enjoyed a 51.6% free throw rate but given how UNC did at the line on Sunday, that might not be a negative for the Spiders.

UNC's overall numbers are so-so with the notable exception of the free throw percentage which dropped a full 11% from the last game(small sample size caveat applies.) UNC is also 7th in the country giving up only a 19.8% offensive rebounding rate which speaks to the Tar Heels being effective in shutting down opposing offensive possession after a missed shot. The steal and turnover rates for the defense also bear out that the Tar Heels do a solid job taking the ball away.

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