Tale of the Tape: Gainesville Regional


And here are how the four teams in the Gainesville Regional of the NCAA Tournament stack up to each other.

#2 Florida Long Beach State North Carolina
College of Charleston
Mascot Gators Dirtbags Tar Heels Cougars
Conference SEC Big West ACC CAA
Bid At-large At-large At-large At-large
Regional Seed 1 2 3 4
RPI 3 29 41 53
Record 40-21 32-24 34-25 41-17
Conf. Record 21-9 17-7 15-15 15-6
RPI Top 50 Record 23-14 11-9 8-12 2-5
Team BA .267 .261 .273 .261
Team Slg% .352 .338 .366 .375
Runs Per Game 4.6 4.2 5.1 5.0
Doubles 75 79 98 90
Triples 9 21 5 15
Home Runs 26 6 26 34
Team ERA 3.24 2.91 3.03 2.80
Opp. BA .251 .240 .233 .225
Opp. Slg% .347 .302 .284 .311
Opp. HRs 34 9 12 21
Opp Runs Per Gm 3.8 3.2 3.5 3.4
Fielding Pct. .975 .977 .966 .971

A few notes:

-Florida played over half its schedule, 37 games to be exact, against the RPI Top 50 and went 23-14 against that slate. That, as much as anything, explains why the Gators got the #2 overall seed in the tournament. Also would indicate that the Gators are pretty good.

-Long Beach State has just six home runs on the season but was tied for 13th nationally with 21 triples. That is probably owed somewhat to the dimensions of the Dirtbags' home park. Blair Field has dimensions of 348 feet down the lines, 387 feet in the alleys and 400 feet to center. Compare those to Boshamer Stadium which is 335 feet to left, 370 to left center, 400 to center field, 340 down the right field line and 355 to right center. Given the dimensions Long Beach saw during home games, it shouldn't be a surprise the Dirtbags may have ended up with triples instead of home runs more often.

For the record, the dimensions of Florida's McKethan Stadium where the regional will be played are: 326 feet to left, 365 to left center, 400 to center field, 375 to right center and 321 down the right field line. It should be noted, the Gators gave up 34 home runs this season which was 13th out of 14 SEC teams. Florida also gave up 91 doubles which again was 13th in the SEC.

-College of Charleston had just two RPI Top 50 wins this season, both coming versus UNC in the opening series of the season back in February. Those three games were the only ones played between Gainesville Regional teams during the season.

-Florida went 23-11 at home during the regular season. UNC went 9-12 on the road, Long Beach State was 13-13 and Charleston 11-10.

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