2014 THB Countdown Update

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The much belated THB Countdown Update.

I normally do this after the NCAA Tournament ends but it didn't quite happen. Nevertheless it makes for some nice filler in the doldrums of summer. For those new to the blog, this is a ranking of UNC teams 1982-present. Why that period? Because those are the teams I remember actually seeing play.

The full rundown of the previous teams can be found here.

Here are the 2013-14's vitals.

Record: 24-10, 13-5 ACC(Tied for 3rd)
ACC Tournament: Lost in Quarterfinals
NCAA Tournament: Lost in Round of 32

Roster: Nate Britt, Luke Davis, Isaiah Hicks, Desmond Hubert, Joel James, Brice Johnson, James Manor, James Michael McAdoo, Leslie McDonald, Kennedy Meeks, Wade Moody, Marcus Paige, Denzel Robinson, Jackson Simmons, J.P. Tokoto

Just on the basic record, ACC finish and NCAA Tournament exit alone it is pretty easy to target this team in the same general vicinity as last season's team. In fact, based on the results, this team is going to at least be ahead of the 2013 team which was ranked 29th overall.

21. 2006
22. 2001
23. 1992
24. 1996
25. 1999
26. 2000
27. 2004
28. 1990
29. 2013

That leads us to debate whether 2014 can be given serious consideration to finish ahead of any of these teams. 2006 and 2001 have no worries since both those teams finished with single digit losses and in the case of 2001, won the ACC regular season. Starting with 1992 you move into the territory of UNC teams that recorded double-digit losses. What is interesting about this group of teams is 1990, 1992, 1996, 1999 and 2004 were all followed by runs to the Final Four with two of those resulting in NCAA titles. The seasons ranked here in the 20s later give birth to teams considered the best of this little era we've constructed here.

Given the expectations for next season it makes perfect sense that 2014 gets plopped down in the middle of this bunch. So without making this much of an overwrought experience, let's drop the 2014 in at #25 overall. It's tough to put them ahead of the 1992 and 1996 teams but given the regular season wins, the ACC finish and a win over Duke, that 25th slot looks about right. 2014 also had Marcus Paige, need I say more?

Without further ado here is the up-to-date THB Countdown of UNC teams 1982-present.

1. 1982
2. 2009
3. 2005
4. 1993
5. 2008
6. 1998
7. 1995
8. 1984
9. 1987
10. 1997
11. 1991
12. 2007
13. 2012
14. 2011
15. 1986
16. 1994
17. 1983
18. 1989
19. 1988
20. 1985
21. 2006
22. 2001
23. 1992
24. 1996
25. 2014
26. 1999
27. 2000
28. 2004
29. 1990
30. 2013
31. 2010
32. 2003
33. 2002

I know, I know. I really should do a bracket with this list.

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