College Football

Mack Brown's UNC Legacy

The one-time UNC coach leaves Austin after 16 years, although not quite on his own terms. Unfortunately, Brown's time at UNC is remembered as much for what happened after he left as for what he...

Saturday Open Thread

For the second straight week, there is no Carolina football on a Saturday. And after two weeks of top-10 matchups, this weekend's college football schedule doesn't offer a lot of spice. But still...

That Is Not Going to End Well

In case you have not heard, West Virginia promoted assistant coach Bill Stewart to head coach following his team's drubbing Oklahoma like a rented mule in the Fiesta Bowl. ACC Now put the best...

Thank You BCS and Rose Bowl

Many thanks to the BCS and the Rose Bowl for sticking us with seven plus hours of blowout football created from having two vastly superior teams play teams that had no business being on the same...

The Double Standard

Contrast if you will the way the media has treated Bobby Petrino and Rich Rodriguez in their respective sudden job moves. Petrino pull up stakes with three games left on the Atlanta Falcons...

Arkansas Raids NFL To Get Bobby Petrino

Well this is a bit of a reversal of roles. Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino decided after 13 games there is no way short of hell freezing over he could ever clean-up the colossal mess left...

A Public Service Announcement from THF

In advance of our renewal of football hostilities with the University of South Carolina and the fact SCAR fans are annoying the heck out of me on Mark Packer's radio program let me just say: GO...

The Blind Hog Finds an Acorn

As much derision as fans and talking heads alike pour on the poll system in college football there comes a moment when the voters actually unite and form a collective opinion that is so totally...

Fear the Mountaineers

No one gave Appalachian State a prayer going to Ann Arbor. It was seen as a great experience and all App State needed to worry about was not losing someone for the season. Turns out everyone was...

A Subtle Reminder of What a Crapshoot It Really Is

From EDSBS: Here's hoping those 3-9 predictions for the Heels are wrong as the right direction.


I Think This is Getting Old

Steve Spurrier once again cast a vote in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll for Duke who has gone almost three years without beating a IA opponent. From the AJC: "It's a vote for a school that has...

Florida Continues to Dominate All Things Buckeye

On December 23rd, Florida routed Ohio State by 26 in basketball. Last night, the Gators ripped previously unbeaten OSU in football to win the BCS(Not Officially National) Championship. OSU was...

Alabama Interested in Paul Johnson?

Below are screen shots of my Blog Stats. The first one is a list of referring URLs which have incoming links to Tar Heel Fan. The second is a list of page views for individual posts. Notice that...

Random Thoughts

This coming week looks to be a slow week with football in a lull until the bowls kick off and most basketball teams in the midst of exams therefore playing a limited schedule. Then again something...

Today in College Football

So there was not much to this week in college football because we lacked a wide variety of big time matchups other than #1 at #13, the battle of the Techs in the ACC, and most anything in the SEC. ...

Elsewhere in College Football

Since UNC is off this week and I have exhausted myself of further need to discuss the John Bunting issue I thought it would be nice to take a look at what else is happening in college football and...

Scraps and Leftovers

According to ESPN is was "Separation Saturday" and because the Worldwide Leader hypes men and women playing a card game I ridicule such marketing ploys by default. The Saturday of action was...

Scraps and Leftovers

The second week. This is supposedly the week where everyone sees vast improvements in their teams. Here are the bits and pieces leftover from college football this week. The Poll Conspiracy I do...

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