Duke Hatred

Relishing the insults we toss at the Blue Devil denizens of Durham.

On This Day Six Years Ago...


Danny Green did unholy things to Greg Paulus


Hansbrough Gets His Duke Hate On

But who is the real victim here?

Bring Me the Head of the Duke Blue Devil


Carolina students woke up this morning to find the head of the Blue Devil mascot on the roof of Student Stores, mounted on a pike. In case you forgot what day it is twitter.com/KButter1/statu… ...

Great Moments in Cameron Indoor Stadium History


Great plays from the greatest rivalry.

Cameron Crazies Annoy Internet. Again.


Today was a typical slow news day, so a small portion of the internet spent it discussing this little tidbit from last night's N.C. State-Duke game. Early in the second half, a State fan in...

It Was a Good Weekend


Bye week goodness. Women's field hockey wins the ACC. NCSU and Duke football lose.

Roy Has Some Pointed Words For Digger Phelps


How crazy has the postgame hype surrounding UNC's win over Duke on Saturday? No one is talking about Roy Williams' postgame press conference where he singles out former Notre Dame coach and current...

The Decline of the Cameron Crazies, Part 5,280 in a Series


So the front age of the Cameron Crazies cheer sheet is making the rounds of Twitter, as published by Tar Heel Monthly. I reproduce it here, for posterity: The mere existence of the cheer sheets,...

These Guys Were Ready to Play Duke


The 1998 UNC-Duke game in the Dean Dome which, like this one, was the first of the season. This game was odd in the fact UNC blew Duke out twice. They did it once through the first half and early...

Why Do Recruits Choose UNC?


Because it's awesome right? CBS Sports looks into the question for both UNC and Duke. As expected, current and former players alike attributed their decision to UNC's rich history, the past...

Why Is Krzyzewski Annoyed With This Particular Duke Team?


Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils have lost two of their last three games at home, and he's not happy: "The last two years, we haven't lost that many, but those teams were very mature," Krzyzewski ...

Small Praise for the Cameron Crazies: They're Not Complete Idiots


This being the week of the Carolina-Duke game, I'm expected to direct a fair amount of hate Durham's way. And I don't aim to disappoint. But it doesn't have to be all vehemence; I'm a gracious man....

Duke Students Aren't That in to Basketball Anymore


The internet briefly had a complete meltdown after the Duke Chronicle published a piece on how Duke was selling student tickets to the Iron Dukes, because they couldn't get enough Cameron Crazies...

And Now, a Few Words From Charles Kuralt


I was asked to speak here tonight, because during the bicentennial I was the guy who stood there in front of the President of the United States and said that I was there to speak for all of us...

Happy UNC-Duke Game Day!


Especially to our lupine brethren who simply love all the hype the UNC-Duke game gets. Even Holden Thorp is talking trash to Duke. GO HEELS! BEAT DUKE!

From the Archives: Do the Cameron Crazies Matter?


A statistical look at fouls and free throw shooting in Cameron Indoor shows that the Cameron Crazies aren't affecting players, just refs.

We Present an iPhone App I Will Never, Ever, Ever Buy.

I don't know what to say. So I will crib from a post from Jim Wray in its entirety: The Nike Boom app features "blasts of motivation" like this one from Coach K, who appears to be taking a dump....

When All Else Fails


Take a shot at your rival.

The Slow Decline of Duke


Zeke Smith - best known for his pictures of Danny Green posterizing Greg Paulus and Mahktar Ndiaye at the national championship - has started a blog with his Duke alumnus brother about UNC and...

Quotable Roy


Roy Williams attended a ceremony honoring Tyler Hansbrough in Poplar Bluff, MO which included renaming the basketball court at his high school, Tyler Hansrbough Court. Roy took the opportunity to...

Probably the Greatest UNC-Duke Ending Ever


I know the more seasoned fans among us will talk about 8 points in 17 seconds but the folks in my generation look to the 2005 game in Chapel Hill. Mostly it is due to dramatic 11-0 run the Heels...

Michael Lewis Gets the Good Quote


“I hate being out on the floor wasting that time. I used to try to talk to people, but then I figured out no one actually liked me very much.” That's a quote from Shane Battier, at the start...

The Deed


Thanks to THF reader: "Yo mama sleeps with Teague" for this.

Those Who Can't Play, Spend Way Too Much Time on Wikipedia


Your team just lost at home to your arch-rival for the fourth straight time. It hurts. You're frustrated. So what do you do? Drown your sorrows in a beer. Take solace in the comfort of a good...

The Morning After


Disappointment Defined Knowing you just spent a month living in a tent before going through the process of putting on body paint, showing up two hours before the game to stand all night in a hot...

UNC 101, Duke 87


I don't know when an opponent last racked up over 100 points in Cameron - if I had to guess I'd say the 1995 UNC team that beat the Gaudet crew in what, double overtime? - but this is surely the...

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