Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the gang here at Tar Heel Blog I want to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas. If you are looking for a little Carolina basketball today, Danny "Freaking" Green and the San Antonio...


#ACCcarols, The Album

Via David Glenn Show producer Hayes Permar a little comedy for your Christmas Eve. If this were actually available, I would buy it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a little over a year since we packed up the old site on the Bluehost web server and moved over here to SB Nation joining up with T.H. from Carolina March. In the past fourteen months...

Amazon, UNC-Duke and the Republican Primary?

A long time ago...when I was like ten or something, you have three stations on TV to watch, then Fox came along and it was four. Then we all got cable or DirectTV or whatever and it was more...

Ranking the Food Sponsored Bowl Games

Bowl games with food sponsors? Which bowl makes you hungry?

Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at Tar Heel Blog, a huge thanks to you our readers for your continued support of this site. Here is hoping each of you have a Merry Christmas.

The Breakfast of Champions

The latest in American ingenuity. The UNC Pop Tart.

We're Here!

It looks like the move is complete. Save for some lingering domain name issues, everything appears to be in order. First of all let me say we are excited to join T.H. and the SB Nation community. B...

A Brief History of the UNC Athletics Web Presence

UNC announced today that the athletic department's website Tar Heel Blue was transitioning over to GoHeels.com as of July 1st. It may appear to be a distinction without a difference, as the latter...

Gumby's Pizza Abandons Chapel Hill

Yet another of the restaurants that helped destroy my svelte figure in college has closed, as Gumby's Pizza, the dependable late night delivery joint, has closed after 18 years on Franklin Street....


Desperately Seeking Opinions on Beans and/or George Wendt

(I made that same headline joke the last time we did one of these, and no one got it. It's like y'all had lives in the early nineties or something.) Anyway, the SB Nation Mothership would like your...

Also, Newspapers: You're Still Doing It Wrong

How the News & Observer business model is burying their journalism.

Men's Lacrosse a Four Seed in the NCAA Tournament

UNC's men's lacrosse team was named the fourth seed in the sixteen-team tournament yesterday, with an opening round matchup against Delaware on the 16th. Provided they win that, they'll meet...

"Everyone who cheered for me was a total effing moron."

A little background on this: the spring recreational running season on the East Coast pretty much ends in early May. After that, the weather gets to hot for putting together a great race, so...

How UNC (Almost) Won the Directors' Cup

You may have heard that the Tar Heels took second in the annual season-long, cross-sport, intercollegiate competition that is the Directors' Cup. It's their fourth time taking second, following...

Your Weekend NCAA News

Lacrosse, tennis and softball, oh my.

North Carolina Makes the NCAA's in Lacrosse

An entire year's worth of lacrosse news.

George Tomasic Passes Away

George Tomasic, owner and proprietor of the Tar Heel Barber Shop and Chapel Hill institution for sixty years passed away from colon cancer at 72 this weekend. In addition to being my barber for...

One Post-Election Observation

The mood in Washington D.C. over the last twelve hours has been a rising tide of jubilation cresting to a general demeanor of cheerfulness. People are greeting each other on the Metro with a...

The ACC Controls Your World

Living in Washington, D.C., I'm subjected to an endless torrent of election speculation, armchair politicking and unceasing punditry on a daily basis, all of which I let pass by unheeded so I can...

David Foster Wallace Dead at 46

It's not UNC related, or even college-athletics related, but I feel compelled to mention it anyway. David Foster Wallace was found dead tonight. I associate my graduation from Carolina in some...

UNC Gets Its Hands Out of Women's Underwear

If you really want underwear with an interlocking NC on it, act fast because Carolina is dropping out of the Victoria's Secret Pink Collegiate Collection. I don't really care one way or the other...

Happy Fourth

    Go grill something.

It's Carolina Blue, Thank You Very Much

But the important thing is that kids are being exposed to such positive messages at an early age.

The ACC Gets It's First National Champion of 2008

As was to be expected, given the conference's long, storied tradition in the sport, ACC member Boston College is this year's NCAA Ice Hockey national champions. I'm assured by Yankees of my...

Venerable Venable Vanquished

As my campus visits have been infrequent - this weekend will be the first time since 2006 I've set foot on North Campus - I was totally unaware that Venable Hall had been demolished. I owe my...

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