NCAA Basketball

NCAA Recommends Change to Charge/Block Rule


Out with the new and in with the old?

More Basketball Rule Changes On the Horizon?


The next rule-change cycle set for 2015 could see some major changes.

The New Fouls Rules Are Here


Back in June the NCAA rule oversight committee for men's basketball approved a new block/charge call and made the point of defining certain types of fouls in the rulebook. Via the NCAA here is what...

'Tis the Season for Rule Changes


Fixing the game or making it worse?

Looking at USA Today's Coaching Salary Database


Roy Williams is not ranked as high as you think he would be.

UNC at #8 Miami


UNC faces top ten Miami looking to notch a quality win.



Come discuss the game while it happens on the THB game thread.

SI Pulls the Curtain Back on UCLA Basketball


Well worth the read, especially in light of the things Sharon Drew has alleged about the integrity of Roy Williams and UNC in general. If what the Sports Illustrated article reports is true and it...

Officially Speaking John Calipari Has Never Coached In The Final Four


So technically speaking, Kentucky is paying a coach who has never been to the Final Four four million per year. According to Gary Parrish, the NCAA is set to vacate Memphis' 2008 Final Four...

Complete Opposite


If UNC basketball is the top program in the country right now then USC might very well be the anti-Carolina. According to Gary Parrish, during the past six weeks USC has had the following happen: ...

Kentucky Boots Billy Gillespie


You could see it coming a mile away. In fact you could see it coming the night UK lost to Gardner-Webb last season. First impressions are everything you know. Kentucky parted ways with 2nd year...

Coaches' Salaries


A look at some of the big fish. The March to Madness posted details on several successful(or semi-successful since they have Billy Gillespie on the list) college basketball coaches.  Roy Williams...

Because I Have No Love For Jim Boeheim


This is the conclusion of Syracuse's rather embarrassing loss to Cleveland State last night that it noteworthy because (1) I like watching Jim "Let's Expand The Tournament Because I Suck At...

New Three Point Line Impact


Some of you have asked about this and Luke Winn at delivers with astute analysis of what the newly extended three point line could mean. As it pertains to UNC: As if North Carolina really...

OJ Mayo Accepted Gifts? Color Me Surprised


Sarcasm is a valid blogging technique. ESPN reported over the weekend the results of an Outside the Lines investigation which showed that USC freshman OJ Mayo received a variety of goodies from an...

Billy Packer Done at CBS?


According to the NY Daily News our long national nightmare might close to being over. But it's time to officially start wondering if some CBS execs are turning on Mr. Packer, the man who invented...

Coaching Moves


All sorts of wild coaching news out there this evening. First off, Indiana pulled quite the coup in their search to replace Kelvin "My Circle" Sampson in naming Marquette coach Tom Crean as their...

Indiana Tosses Sampson on the Altar; Hopes to Appease NCAA


Indiana showed Kelvin Sampson the door a little over a week after the NCAA served notice of five major violations committed under his watch in less than two season in Bloomington. Assistant coach...

Indiana About To Become Acquainted With the Words "Lack of Institutional Control"


ESPN reported last night that the NCAA has a .50 caliber weapon with the words MAJOR VIOLATIONS written on the side of it aimed directly at the Indiana basketball program and more specifically...

Florida Returns to the Realm of Common Basketball Programs


Now that Billy Donovan has decided to head to the NBA. Several things here: 1. This is not surprising because I think everyone knew when he turned down Kentucky it was either stay at Florida or go...

Winthrop Rents Movie I Saw in College


Let me take a moment to put on my UNC Greensboro cap since that is what the degree says and point out that Winthrop has hired assistant coach Randy Peele to head the basketball program. Peele...

If Lindsey Harding Hits Two Free Throws...


...Don Imus might have been signing on this morning. Chris pointed this out in the comments section: Here’s a thought from the editor of the sports page of my hometown newspaper. It was actually...

Guidelines for Celebration


Celebrations in college basketball have long been taken for granted that is until Mike Krzyzewski decided to poo-poo on Virginia Tech's Zabian Dowdell for his exuberance in the wake of the Hokies'...

Dean Smith vs. Bob Knight[UPDATED]


Bob Knight passed Dean Smith with his 880th win as Texas Tech defeated New Mexico 70-68. Knight now tops the wins list in NCAA Division I basketball. Here is raw comparison of the two coaches by...

Watching LSU-Texas


I was just watching Texas squeak out a win over LSU in 76-75 in overtime. It was a good early season game since it had that NCAA Tournament quality about it. The ending was interesting. Texas...

Changing Your Mind


During the N.C. State coaching search, one name that was bantered about was Gregg Marshall, head coach at Winthrop. Marshall had built a great low major program at Rock Hill with six NCAA...

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