NCAA Investigation

John Blake was steering players to agents; Jennifer Wiley was doing their homework. The sordid saga of the Butch Davis tenure at UNC, and how they cleaned up afterwards.

Rashad McCants Is Still Talking, Just Not to NCAA


Playing off his appearance on "Outside the Lines", there were some nuggets to be found between the lines of a recent radio interview with the former UNC basketball star.

NCAA Reopens Probe Into UNC Academic Scandal



UNC Fires up the Disassociation Letter Machine


The latest in the long line of news items that seem to keep popping up despite the NCAA investigation into UNC football being concluded over a year ago. UNC recently sent another round of...

UNC Out of the Woods with NCAA on Academic Issues?


In the newest Sunday bombshell from Dan Kane at the News & Observer--wait, what did you say? This wasn't published on Sunday? It was Friday? Why would they publish this on Friday? That was the same...

Greg Little's Money Man Goes to Court


A second indictment has been unsealed stemming from the investigation into agents activity during the UNC football scandal. Via WRAL Georgia-based sports agent Terry Watson faces 14 felony...

Agent Investigation Produces Indictments


If you were hoping that the football scandal was done and we would never speak of it again, I have some very disappointing news for you. It. Just. Won't. Die. Former UNC tutor and principal actor...

Who's Up For Some Three Year Old News?


You know I was really trying to hide my exasperation at yet another piece of information with little or no relevance being treated like an earth shattering revelation. How did I do? The more...

Obligatory Monday Scandal Update


The weekend brought another Kane Klassic in the News and Observer, and Miami is self-imposing a bowl ban for the second straight year.

Bowl Ban in 2011? The Benefit of Hindsight


Would a self-imposed bowl ban last season have kept the NCAA from banning UNC from the post-season in 2012? Reasoned analysis says no.

NCAA Unveils New Enforcement Standards


In an effort to reform the enforcement process, the NCAA has adopted new guidelines for violations and penalties.

White Whale II - UNC to release NCAA transcripts


Media outlets prevail in a lawsuit that is less about actual information and more about a turf war. Bombshells are unlikely - remember the 216 phone records?



Butch Davis sits down with WRAL's Jeff Gravley and proceeds to take responsibility for nothing that went on while he was at UNC.

The Elusive Butch Davis Phone Records Released

The 216 phone records for Butch Davis's personal phone have been released, and it's a heaping helping of nothing burger.

This Week In Rehashed UNC Scandal News

Stop me if you've heard this one before. If you were looking for any new news this week about UNC's AFAM academic scandal you will be sorely disappointed. In lieu of actual news we get a...

Butch Davis Seeking to Stop Release of 216 Phone Records


The question is does anyone care besides conspiracy theory ABCers and the media? An attorney representing Butch Davis has filed for a protective order to stop the release of phone records tied to...

Dwight Jones Barred From UNC Pro Day


Additional evidence that the new boss is not the same as the old boss. UNC held its NFL Pro Day at Kenan Stadium to give NFL scouts and coaches a chance to look at Tar Heel players who have...

Dissecting the NCAA Infractions Report


As news of the NCAA's ruling on Carolina football continues to resonate, here is a more detailed look as to what is actually contained in the 38-page document. The report includes a narrative as to...

Who's Who in the NCAA Report


You can't tell the players without a program, or at least who is who when the NCAA does not identify anyone specifically by name in the UNC infractions report. To assist with your reading of the...

NCAA Institutes One Year Postseason Ban on UNC and Cuts Fifteen Scholarships


Just when you were ready to immerse yourself in a week of basketball anticipation, the NCAA went and shook things up by releasing its report on UNC's violations. The unusual delay is just one more...

UNC Receives One Year Bowl Ban, Loses 15 Scholarships

The NCAA Committee on Infractions has issued its final report on the investigation in UNC football over improper benefits and academic fraud, along with the penalties assigned.



Per Twitter, UNC will finally receive the final report from the NCAA Committee on Infractions bringing an end to the almost two year investigation into UNC football. The NCAA will hold a...

Butch Davis Now Doing Coffee Runs for Greg Schiano


That's what special assistants do right? Former UNC head coach Butch Davis has been named a special assistant to the head coach for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. New Bucaneers head coach, Greg Schiano,...

Will The NCAA Announce UNC's Penalties Next Week?


The last shoe to drop. After over sixteen months of reading tweets, reading between the lines on press releases, looking at notices of allegations from UNC as well as other schools, listening to...

Obligatory "What Do Ohio State's Penalties Mean For UNC?" Post


The short answer: Probably not much. On Tuesday, the NCAA handed down its final judgment on Ohio State's football program over a scandal involving improper benefits, a booster and former coach Jim...

What Happens in Bur-Vegas May Make Dwight Jones Ineligible for the Bowl Game


If the year-plus parade of indignities on UNC's football program wasn't enough for you, we've got one more: Carolina has preemptively named Dwight Jones ineligible for next Monday's bowl game after...

UNC Suspends Jones, Reinstatement Pending [UPDATED: Jones Cleared by NCAA]


See update at end of post... In an NCAA eligibility dance Carolina football fans unfortunately know all too well, UNC has suspended senior wideout Dwight Jones for the Independence Bowl after his a...

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