NCAA Investigation

Happy Committe on Infractions Day!

It will be exactly like this right? Holden Thorp and Dick Baddour before the firing squad with the added bonus of John Blake showing up. I am imagining at some point they all end up on the...

Media Wants UNC to Demand COI Hearing Be Public; Blake to Appear

And in today's weather forecast for the Greater Hades area, a chance of snow! The media consortium that is suing UNC for the release of records regarding the NCAA investigation into the football...

No, Virginia, UNC Would Not Be Better Right Now With Butch Davis

(h/t to THF for the title idea) When Butch Davis was fired as UNC's head coach on July 28th, there was a chorus of people, personified most intently by former Tar Heel player Deems May, who...

Media Fairly Unhappy Amy Herman Doesn't Take Notes

*Insert bad lawyer joke here* Probably the most interesting aspect of UNC foray into NCAA violations is not the investigation itself but the back and forth between the University and the media...

Davis' Lawyers Move To Quash The Subpoena

*Insert the Law and Order sound here* Attorneys representing former UNC coach Butch Davis have moved to quash the subpoena requesting Davis' personal cell phone records. Davis’ lawyer, Jon...

NCAA and Elaine Marshall Are Not Playing Nicely in the Subpoena Sandbox

Lost in the din of the announcement of Bubba Cunningham as UNC's new AD, Late Night with Roy and the opening of hoops season, and a big ACC game with Miami this weekend is this territorial...

Media Would Like to See Butch Davis' 216 Phone Records

The vexing question is did they say "pretty please"? The local media organizations, which previously brought lawsuits against UNC to gain access to various records associated with the NCAA...

Your Obligatory Tire Fire Update

UNC's 4-1 start has blown the stench of the smoldering NCAA mess out to sea for most of the season, but a few things have bubbled up of late that serve to remind us the tires are still ablaze....

UNC Releases Minutes from July Board of Trustees Meeting

UNC releases its BoT minutes, which do not mention the Butch Davis firing at all.

Eddy Landreth: Misinformation and Innuendo

Now that THF has had his say about the garbage spewed forth on both sides of the UNC football unpleasantness by two writers who once fashioned themselves as respectable journalists, I wanted to get...

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