The Coming of SB Nation United

Our new digs at SB Nation are about to get a whole lot newer.

Chancellor Holden Thorp to Step Down

Embattled UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp announces his resignation.

Presenting the New Carolina March

SBNation announces the first step of a blog overhaul with shiny new logos. Man, do I want this on a T-shirt.

What Kind of May Has It Been

Well, I'm back. And as far as I can tell, I picked a good time to step away. UNC took an early exit from the College World Series, losing a home regional for the first time since 1983 after the...

Programming Will Resume Shortly

One of the first things I did was institute the "tired signal." When a player was tired, I told him he could pull himself from the game. All he had to do was hold up a clenched fist. The trade-off...

Announcing SB Nation for iPhone

The mothership is proud to announce our SB Nation iPhone app, now available in the App Store. It's free, it has everything from the site, and it's so incredible Steve Jobs retired upon seeing it,...

My Blatherings Now Available in Concise, Useless Form

    You may have noticed the rash of logos at the bottom of every post that started appearing a few months ago, all devoted to social media and the Web 2.0 and everything else that occasionally...

UNC's Offensive Line Will Have to Survive Without My Criticism

Jameel Sewell isn't the only one leaving the Carolina football team in the dust; I'm missing the thrilling duel with Georgia Southern for a long Columbus Day weekend in an undisclosed midwestern...

Blog You Like a Hurricane

Back in 1998, I went to Hartford, Connecticut for the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament. UNC was the number one seed in the East that year. And one afternoon, I found myself sitting with some...

A New Toy From the Mothership

The fine folks at SBNation have put together a comprehensive BCS page, complete with rankings, scoreboards and links to the blog posts on each team in the BCS Top 25. Which includes UNC, sitting...


There Will Be a Temporary Interruption in Service

This blog will be going offline around midnight tonight, so all two of you jonesing for late night arguments for college football playoffs will have to find another internet diversion for the...

Gone to India

Back in the new year. Talk amongst yourselves.

That's Doctor Carolina March To You, Punk

You may have noticed posting has been light of late. (You may have not. Frankly, you may only be reading this because a particularly perceptive housepet walked across your keyboard. But we'll...

Anonymous Commenting No More!

I've officially turned off anonymous commenting.The SportsBlog Nation offically banned anonymous commenting a few months back as a spam prevention measure, but I kept in grandfathered in because...

Ho Ho Ho

Happy Holidays to one and all. Service to resume around the time of the Rutgers game.

You Got Politics in My Sports Pages!

Although everyone's aware former Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler won his bid for Congress, to the disconcercion of Redskins fans everywhere, the other big sports referendum story went unnoticed....

It's Relevant Because I Was Wearing a UNC T-Shirt at the Time

In case you were wondering why the posting volume dropped, I have an excuse. Sunday, I ran Santa Barbara's Pier to Peak half marathon - self-proclaimed "The World's Toughest Half-Marathon." It was...

Carolina March Sells Out

So. Well. Here we are, then.This is Carolina March, which was once Tar Heel March - but that was in another country, and besides, the wench is dead. It began in the spring of 2005, when to keep my...

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