Cheap Shots

Jim Boeheim, Internet Troll

Jim Boeheim, Syracuse basketball coach and renowned hater of reporters, Greensboro, and all-night diners, loves making news. That's the best explanation I have for his recent comments on the NBA...

Josh McRoberts Ruins Everything

In case you didn't see, the Indiana Pacers started off the third quarter by hitting their first twenty shots. They went 20 for 20, scoring 54 points, the fourth highest point production in a...

We Present an iPhone App I Will Never, Ever, Ever Buy.

I don't know what to say. So I will crib from a post from Jim Wray in its entirety: The Nike Boom app features "blasts of motivation" like this one from Coach K, who appears to be taking a dump....

All the Little Chicks with the Crimson Lips Go...

I know this has been everywhere by now - I first saw it here - but this truly, is the best thing to ever come out of the state of Ohio: I hereby apoogize for driving an hour and a half out of my...

You're Dead to Me, Georgia

UNC's proper place in history and the manliness of Carolina Blue. Suck it, Georgia.

Of Course, If N.C. State Was Good at Anything Maybe We Wouldn't Have This Problem

I briefly took note of the StateFans Nation post a couple of days ago trumpeting the fact that their business school made a Top Fifty list when UNC's Kenan-Flagler did not, but promptly succumbed...

The Stupid, It Burns

Someone explain this column to me.The general thesis is that ACC expansion was bad. I'm a fan of the good old days of eight-team conferences, where everyone played everyone else in every sport, and...

Another Entry in the Annals of Lame Holidays

As I've been repeatedly informed by the new official NCAA Footbal blog, Every Game Counts, today is College Colors Day. And here you didn't even get anything for the missus.As you no doubt remember...

Now We're Just Haggling About Price

From Gregg Doyel's article on T. Boone Pickens' obscene donation to the Oklahoma State athletic department: There's the T. Boone Pickens College of Business at West Texas A&M. There's the T. Boone...

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