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UNC Receives One Year Bowl Ban, Loses 15 Scholarships

The NCAA Committee on Infractions has issued its final report on the investigation in UNC football over improper benefits and academic fraud, along with the penalties assigned.

Greg Little: UNC Shouldn't Have To Vacate Wins


Well there shouldn't have been a lot of things but here we are. Former Tar Heel WR Greg Little has told Fox Ohio that he does not think the wins from the 2008 and 2009 season should be vacated...

Paulus Transferring To William & Mary


Not a surprise at all. It became clear after Mike Paulus dropped to third on the depth chart behind Braden Hansen and a wildly inaccurate T.J. Yates, the handwriting was on the wall. When you toss...

High Stakes In Atlanta On Saturday


My latest post at Raycom Sports UNC blog: For UNC, this game is all about opportunity. UNC’s 3-0 start this season is the best opening win streak since 1997 when the Heels started 8-0. With a...

Davis: Heading That Way


In the direction of his Miami teams from the late 1990s that is: But Davis was quick to dispel thoughts this spring that in two seasons under his watch the Tar Heels have reached the level of the...

Odds And Ends


Slight Diversion Edition. UNC opens baseball season today at 3 PM against VMI as the #2 team in the country. This game will reopen Boshamer Stadium which was being renovated all of last season...

UNC's Roster Numbers? Davis Has A Plan


You may recall there was a flurry of articles about the number of commitments UNC had not lining up with the number of scholarships available from graduating seniors. The N&O published the...

Cam Sexton Not Returning


Update: ACC Now has an interview with Cam Sexton. Two key points: 1. Not starting the NC State game was a factor although Sexton says a small one. 2. Butch Davis wanted Sexton to return saying...

Obligatory "BC Fires Coach For Interview" Post


Gene DeFilippo draws a line in the sand and Jeff Jagodzinski promptly steps right over it. If you are not aware of the backstory, Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski lined up an interview for...

Nicks To Turn Pro


No surprise here. Hakeem Nicks has the tools to be a good NFL receiver and there is no need to risk injury for what is probably very little in the way of upward movement in the draft. Besides...

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