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Miscellaneous archive of posts from Tar Heel Fan Blog 2006-2012

Moving Day


So that move to SB Nation I talked about? Yeah, that's happening today. Here is the deal, following this post the SB Nation tech guys will begin the work of importing everything from the current...

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Site News: THB is Moving to SB Nation


Roughly six and a half years ago I started this blog as my own personal outlet to discuss UNC basketball and football. Over that time this blog has grown, thanks in great part to the readers and in...

Happy Fourth of July


Here is hoping everyone has a safe, cool and happy Fourth of July.

We Are Back Online and Yes the Name Changed[UPDATE: RSS Fixed?]


UPDATE: On the RSS feed issue. I think it is working now but Google Reader, for example, will not take just the plain URL, you need to use "" to subscribe manually. You can...



"As God as my witness I thought turkeys could fly."

I Have Returned From My Pilgrimage To See A Mouse


Fortunately for me the park wasn't closed when I got there. A couple of observations about Disney. First of all, they keep referring to the castle as Cinderella's. Doesn't it actually belong to the...

Some Humor For Your Friday


Via The Onion Sports which is the best parody news site out there. A little joke at the expense of Duke and the Plumlee clan. Onion SportsDome Hat tip: Joe Ovies

THF Turns Five


As you can see Roy Williams and his staff are totally jacked up to be celebrating THF's fifth anniversary. First of all, many thanks and my utmost gratitude to Doc and C.Michael. Not only have...



Earlier in the week, on the strength of Doc's in-depth look into Marvin Austin's Twitter feed(a somewhat mind warping experience) Tar Heel Fan crossed the 1,000,000 hits threshold. I know, I know....

Blogging Will Be Light


Other than a couple of open threads for the remaining NCAA Tournament games or barring Ed Davis dropping some massive bombshell on Twitter, blogging will be light until Tuesday. The weather, at...

Four Years


Here we have Kenny Smith and Joe Wolf checking out Tar Heel Fan in the early days. Well, not really. It has been four years since this little venture left the ground. It has been a lot fun even...

A Word About Comments


So last night all this losing and poor play by the Tar Heels continued to drive us all nuts. You know why? Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a...

How UNC Fans Have Felt This Season


If you can't laugh then what else is there?

More THF News


So I am back from Dallas. The return flight to Raleigh-Durham included multiple individuals on board wearing Duke shirts. The flight was also marked by various unpleasant odors. Coincidence? I...

A Couple Of Items


First of all I am traveling on business and will be Dallas, TX until Monday. Blogging from me will be somewhat light since my job will have me tied up and away from the computer until Sunday. And...

Okay, This Is What We Call A Timeout


That's it. It's over. Done. The horse is dead, decomposed and dust by now. I am shutting down comments on both of the threads related to Roy Williams' action against the Presbyterian fan because...

Account Registration Issues


Apparently after I upgraded the blog software in May it hosed the comment registration page preventing folks from signing up. I thought I had it fixed a couple of weeks ago but that does not...

THF Blog Redesign


In case you did not notice. I installed a new theme and upgraded the back end Wordpress software. Unlike past themes this one is highly customizable with a user friendly interface, so much so that...

Tar Heel Fan On Twitter


Yeah, I know. It's about time I joined the rest of the free world. If you are on Twitter then be sure to start following my Twitter feed here. I also put a Widget on the right which will display my...

Site Upgrade


Some minor points of housekeeping. I upgraded the Wordpress software that runs THF this past Friday night. I was somewhere in the neighborhood of at least one if not two major revisions behind but...

YMCA Now On Wall's List Following Visit


According to THF sources, #1 prep basketball player John Wall visited the Central YMCA on Hillsborough St in Raleigh on Sunday and is now listing it as one of the options he would consider in his...

Weekend Open Thread


I will be traveling this weekend for a wedding and I am not taking my laptop along so should any news break concerning Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington it will have to wait until late Saturday night....

Wednesday Open Thread


I am under the weather and things look to be slow until after the awards banquet on Thursday at which point I fully expect we will get word on Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington. Consider this your...

New Tar Heel Bloggers


A couple of new Tar Heel bloggers have popped up on the radar. Triumphant Tar Heel and Tar Heel Nation-North have added their voices to the chorus of Tar Heel fans on the internet so do them a...



Commenter Heel to the End just pointed out that the next post would be #2000 on this blog as indicated by the THF Statistics in the column on the right. So here it is. Wow that is a lot of writing....

THF Turns Three


Over 1,900 posts Almost 17,000 comments 431,000 unique hits 863,000 page views Thank you to everyone who reads and comments.

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