UNC Academic Scandal

Julian Nyang'oro's no-show classes in the African and Afro-American Studies department and the inevitable fallout therein.

The Elusive Butch Davis Phone Records Released

The 216 phone records for Butch Davis's personal phone have been released, and it's a heaping helping of nothing burger.

Chancellor Holden Thorp to Step Down


Embattled UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp announces his resignation.

The One Where This Blog Gets Quoted in the N&O


Mama will be so proud. Another Dan Kane piece which is 80% recycled material, 5% opinion, 10% new stuff and 5% quoting this blog. If you want you can read the article here. Otherwise, just read...

UNC: NCAA Knows Everything About AFAM and Has Not Found a Violation (For Now)


Cue the outrage from everyone. Full statement via Inside Carolina: In light of continuing speculation about the role of the NCAA in the review of academic issues in the Department of African...

This Week's Obligatory Scandal Post


My kids often sing a tune called "This is the Song That Never Ends." Kind of feels like that. In Wednesday's ongoing football/academic unpleasantness news, an agreement has been reached by which B...

Peppers' Reponse to His Transcript Being Leaked by UNC? Donate $250K


Guess that means he won't be seeking legal action. First, Julius Peppers confirmed it was his transcript UNC released. Now the former Tar Heel star has donated $250,000 toward the Light of the...

Another Reasonable Look at UNC's Academic Scandal From....Brett Friedlander?


I guess Brett won't be getting that Wolfpack Unlimited Award after all. As expected there are various opinions circulating on UNC's situation from the feces throwing monkey board types to your run...

UNC Commissions Academic Probe Led by Former Governor Jim Martin

UNC turns to former governor Jim Martin to help find a solution to the academic misconduct plaguing the university.

UNC Confirms Independent Review Of Academic Issues


UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp has announced an independent review of the academic scandal involving the AFAM department led by former Governor Jim Martin. Here is Thorp's letter announcing the...

Roy Gives His Opinion About the Academic Scandal Plus a Jim Martin Sighting


Roy Williams appeared on WFNZ's The Drive on Wednesday afternoon. Obviously he was asked about the AFAM scandal which has taken new life where the basketball program is concerned since two sport...

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