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Duke Holds Off Ga Tech

With 5:22 to go in the game Duke is protecting a scant two point lead at Georgia Tech. J.J. Redick has been awful. Redick presently has 14 points on 4-20 shooting. Georgia Tech has had leads of eleven and six in the second half only to give up runs of 11-0 and 14-0.

Looking bleak for GT with 3 minutes to go and trailing 65-58. This is clearly the one that got away for the Yellow Jackets failing to take advantage of a horrible shooting performance from J.J. Redick.

Update #2
Duke is now up by ten with a little over a minute to go. Duke appears to be cruising towards 14-0.

Update #3
Duke holds on 73-66. Big win for Duke considering how badly Redick played but got a monster game from Shelden Williams.