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Heels Beat Maryland

In a game indicative of how well things are going for UNC and how bad it is at Maryland, North Carolina whipped the Terps 81-57 in Chapel Hill.

The win along with Florida State's anemic loss at Virginia Tech ensure the Heels could slip no lower than fourth if they should lose their final two games. Any hopes Maryland had of going to the NCAA Tournament are history though they do have a good recruiting class on the way. UNC also officially moved into second place today a half game ahead of NC State. A win over Virginia on Wednesday night would ensure at least the #3 seed in the ACC Tournament and moved them out of Duke's bracket.

The middle of the ACC pack is the most interesting puzzle right now with three schools at 7-7 and no one seemingly interested in making the Big Dance. As mentioned above, Florida State went to Blacksburg and lost, they face Duke at home, Miami on the road. I see the Seminoles dropping to 7-9. Virginia went to Clemson on Saturday and were pretty much blown right back out of the building, they travel to UNC on Wednesday and are home to Maryland to finish the season. Cavs should finish at 8-8. Miami, who broke a four game losing streak against VT last Wednesday has the best chance to get to 9-7 by winning at Maryland and beating FSU at home. Miami and UVa both would need to make it all the way to Saturday to get anywhere close to an NCAA berth however. Florida State at 7-9 would be NIT bound. As it stands now Duke, UNC, BC, and NC State are NCAA locks. A fifth bid is looking very suspect at this point.

Here is how I think the ACC will finish up next Sunday. The tiebreakers have already been applied and NCAA locks in bold.

#1-Duke 16-0, 29-1
#2-Boston College 11-5, 24-6
#3-North Carolina 11-5, 20-7
#4-NC State 11-5, 22-7
#5-Miami 9-7, 17-12
#6-Virginia 8-8, 15-12
#7-Florida State 7-9, 17-10
#8-Clemson 7-9, 18-11
#9-Maryland 6-10, 16-13
#10-Virginia Tech 4-12, 14-15
#11-Georgia Tech 4-12, 11-16
#12-Wake Forest 2-14, 14-16

Also, two years ago Georgia Tech was playing for a national title and one year ago knocked UNC out of the ACC semifinals prior to the Tar Heel title run, now they appear to be heading to an 11-16 record. Wake Forest was the pre-season #1 last year, they will hit rock bottom with a likely 14-16 mark.