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Isiah Thomas is Insane

I am beginning to wonder if Isiah Thomas is doing an NBA version of the movie "Brewster's Millions" In "Brewster's Millions" Richard Pryor played a minor league pitcher who inherited $30 million. The catch was he had 30 days to spend the money and have nothing to show for. He also had to do so without telling anyone what he was doing. If he succeeded he would then inherit $300 million. Yesterday Thomas traded two also-rans to Orlando for Steve Francis who had a huge salary and the kind of attitude that defines pro basketball players: arrogant. He is now teamed with Stephon Marbury who has the same affliction.

I must confess I do not understand everything about how NBA teams work, how trades are made, or even the salary structure. That being said, even I know that every move Isiah Thomas has made with New York has been horrible. It is honestly like he making a concious effort to run the Knicks into the ground and when that is done someone is going to step up and give him $300 million. I also get the feel sometimes that Thomas is like an ordinary person who is playing a video game he makes trades for players just for the fun of it because in a video game it does not matter because you can jack up all the settings on your players to make them immensely better than the computer's team. asks the question:

How does bringing Francis to NYC fit into Isiah Thomas' master plan?

I think a better question to ask is: Does Isiah Thomas have a master plan?