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ACC Tournament Update #1

The first session has ended and this is what we have.

#8 Miami 66 #9 Clemson 64

See Clemson run. See Clemson shoot. See Clemson lead by 12. See Clemson allow Miami to catch fire and outscore them by 11 in the second half. Clemson is done. Maybe there is an NIT berth out there for them. Miami have fun with Duke, you know you wanted a rematch.

#12 Wake Forest 78 #5 Florida State 66

That sound you hear is Wake Forest shredding the Seminoles' NCAA Tournament ticket. The Noles are done, especially after Syracuse beat UConn. Florida State had a comfortable lead when out of nowhere Wake Foest outscores them by 20 points in the second half. Florida State needed a win to ensure NCAA viability. The only thing they are assured of now is an NIT home game. I imagine NC State is chomping at the bit for revenge or quivering at the thought of facing a suddenly hot Wake Forest squad. Of course we all remember last year.

Later this evening Maryland tries to keep hope alive, and the Virginia schools battle it out for supremacy.