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ACC Tournament Update #2

The first day has concluded and I was stuck traveling between Chicago and Minneapolis following the scores on my Blackberry. Here is how the day concluded.

#7 Virginia 60 #10 Virginia Tech 56

Based on the score I would think this game was pretty ugly. Sean Singletary showing why he was deserving of 1st Team All-ACC collected a total of 8 points on 2-10 shooting. J.R. Reynolds put up 23 for the Cavs and ended Virginia Tech' season.

# 6 Maryland 82 #11 Georgia Tech 64

This kind of offensive explosion and blowout win was, shall we say, unexpected coming from Maryland. Of course it was Georgia Tech and while Maryland had beaten them twice, none of those wins were nearly this dominant. Maryland shot over 50% which they have done exactly three times in 2006 against Temple, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech. While this win was a step in the right direction for the Terps, it remains to be seen whether it is continuing trend.