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ACC Wrap Up

UNC upsets Duke, NC State falls apart, BC takes care of VT

UNC 83 Duke 76

I have most of my analysis in the live blog post. UNC finsishes second in the ACC outright at 12-4. Duke wins the regular season title 14-2. UNC, barring an unfortunate Friday loss in Greensboro, should be a #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament. I think, though I am seeing no support for this among the experts, that an ACC Tournament Championship will result in a #2 seed. Duke has some serious questions to resolve. Redick is either in a slump or is just worn out and unable to hit his shot now. I refuse to buy into the emotional issue of breaking the ACC scoring record. I have never seen anyone who broke a record suffer from emotional fatigue. I think Redick's woes are multi-faceted. Redick has logged a lot of minutes and when he plays he plays hard. I also think, at this point, there is enough game tape out there for coaches to devise better defenses for Redick. Redick did not simply miss shots tonight, he missed them in a bad way. When the game started, his shots looked dead on and then after UNC weathered the emotional storm of the game's start, Redick could not buy one. That being said, what makes Duke great is how they come back from adversity. I feel sorry for whoever gets them on Friday.

Wake Forest 76 NC State 63

The wheels are officially off the NC State wagon. I am certain the fire Herb crowd will be rabid by Monday. There are times when coaches talk about putting together two good halves of basketball. NC State had a horrible first half last year and by year's end were a good team. This season they were good early and now they have lost three in a row. NC State better hope Florida State wins Sunday, and then beats Wake Forest. They seem to have little trouble with the Seminoles. The NC State offense can be desribed as: live by the three, die by the three. Tony Bethel's technical foul at the end of the game illustrates the level of frustration at NC State. Can they pull it together for a tournament run? Herb Sendek better hope so, because the sharks are circling the waters.

Boston College 59 Virginia Tech 57

I was pulling for a BC loss to help UNC. Turns out they did not need. VT is better than the record indicates. BC stepped up and finished their first ACC season at 11-5 and will be the #3 seed in Greensboro. Also, if things shake out a certain way, BC could see Virginia on Friday. Last time they saw them, they lost by 13.

Clemson 95 Georgia Tech 82

No that it matters. Paul Hewitt is probably thinking: One more game and I can forget this horrible season. ACC cellar staple Clemson could go as high as the #7 seed depending on tomorrow's results.