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Big News for UNC

Big News Item #1

UNC forward/center Tyler Hansbrough will return for his sophomore. And this is not some off the cuff answer to some dumb reporter who asks it during the Final Four and thinks that any player who might jump to the NBA next season is actually thinking about that facing the biggest game of their college career. No, this comes from the UNC Sports Information office. And all of those speculating that he would go, Hansbrough has said he never really considered it and even though UNC coach Roy Williams present him with information that stated he would be a first rounder, Hansbrough decided to come back. UNC loses only David Noel(which is a bigger loss on the intangible side and than the tangible one) and anyone who saw Tywone Lawson play in the McDonalds All American game last night knows that he is quite possibly the second coming of Raymond Felton. UNC will be loaded. Can we start the season in like one month please?

Big News Item #2

UNC senior forward David Noel won the college slam dunk contest this evening. There is a three point and slam dunk contest for college seniors every year before the Final Four. Even though I would have loved for Noel to be otherwise occupied in Indianopolis, a win is a win right? Apparently J.J. Redick was not in the three point contest. Over at Inside Carolina there were several theories postulated for why that was the case. Some asserted that unless Redick is able to push off illegally or benefit from a moving screen he simply cannot hit his shot. Another poster express fear that a foul would be called on the ball rack if it happened to nudge Redick. I am of the opinion he simply did not plan to be there because he thought he would be playing for that elusive national title. So sorry that did work out for you J.J.