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ESPN Hearts UNC-Duke

ESPN has announced that it will be devoting all of its networks to the broadcast of the UNC-Duke game in Durham on Saturday night. I am not sure if this is similar to the Federal governement devoting all of its resources to something, but we shall see. Anyway, the plan is to broacast the regular game on ESPN, above the rim shots on ESPN2, a split shot with the Cameron Crazies and the game on ESPNU, as well as using the website, etc. to show vital game stats and highlights. While this is all very innovative I have a better suggestion. ESPN and ESPN2 should both show regular broadcasts with an audio feeds from the Duke and UNC radio networks respectively. The regular TV broadcast audio of Mike Patrick and Dick Vitale should be on ESPNU since both them will fit right in with the Cameron Crazies. And since no one really watches ESPNU, no one will be tempted to gouge their own ears out with a lead pencil after listening to two hours of Vitale professing his love for Duke, at the top of his lungs no less.