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Is Half of a Sweet Sixteen a Semi-Sweet Eight?

When the NCAA Tournament started, ESPN chose Tennessee as an "All Access" team meaning they would be filming every mundane part of UT's existence outside of the game itself. ESPN probably thought that UT would be around at least until next Saturday. Since the "never should have been seeded second" Volunteers have been summarily dismissed by #7 Wichita St(I love it when I pick an upset correctly) will the ESPN All Access continue? Will we be treated to Bruce Pearl on the golf course next week or perhaps some footage of UT players attending class? Probably not, but it is a little egg on ESPN's face setting that deal up only to have UT lose in the first weekend.

Despite the major turmoil found in one of my Final Four picks(Kansas) losing last night, I still I am holding 14 of the Sweet Sixteen out there and today garnered me a 7-1 mark(thanks a lot Illinois.) I figure as long as I bring enough teams through to the Elite 8 and get my UC0nn-Texas title game with UConn winning, I will do pretty good overall.

Maybe its just me, but the number of games that are hotly contested by the last minute seems more prevalant this year than in the past. It has made for some enjoyable hoops actions. Among the winners today: Duke and Florida won easily, Boston College got away from Montana in the second half, UCLA squeaked it out over Alabama, LSU slipped by Texas A&M, Wichita St gave the MVC some credibility, Washington led big but won close over Illinois, and Gonzaga finally acted like the high seed they are and won despite Adam Morrison playing more like former Tar Heel and current Minnesota guard Brian Morrison.

The ACC is still perfect at 6-0. UNC plays at 2:20 versus George Mason and NC State has a tough but not impossible test against Texas. Although I picked Texas to go to the title game I also happen to think they are vulnerable. In fact everyone in the field is vunerable which is perhaps why the games are so close and so great to watch.

There will be no live blog of the UNC-GM game tommorrow.