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More FSU-Duke

From Doug Gottlieb at

It should also be noted, in my personal opinion, that Duke was homered in much the same way opposing teams claim they get treated when they come to Cameron. I was embarrassed for Florida State to have to win that way. The 'Noles shot 40 free throws compared to Duke's 17. While it's easy to get on the Blue Devils when the free throw disparity goes in their favor, anyone who watched the Seminoles parade repeatedly to the line in the second half had to be wondering why, every time a Dookie even came close to brushing a Seminole, the whistle sounded. It's still a great win, but Duke was homered.

Wait a minute. All we have heard from the talking heads at ESPN and everywhere else is how there is NO conspiracy, the referees are NOT showing favoritism, and the same thing was said about every other great team/coach in ACC history. Then when a game comes along where Duke ends up shooting 20-30 less free throws than their opponent everyone now says that a conspiracy was in place or the refs were in the tank as a make up to FSU for the earlier game in Durham. You cannot have it both ways people. Either the refs are "professionals" and not subject to influence as Mike Krzyzweski has asserted or they are completely corrupt. It cannot be both at the same time. Nor is it fashionable to argue in favor of a theory which you previously dismissed when the situation was reversed. And is it possible that Duke players actually committed the fouls for which they were whistled?

Also, I have given some thought to Mike Krzyzweski's decision to send his players off the court after order was restored for the final 1.7 seconds. At first I thought it was a good idea, but then I started thinking about the implications of the decision. In essence Krzyzweski is implying that FSU fans are somehow more dangerous than other fans, even his own at Cameron Indoor Stadium. By sending his players off the floor, he is effect saying that FSU officials have horrible security and that there is a danger to his players if the FSU storm the court again. So in light of this decision can we expect Mike Krzyzweski, in the event that it appears Duke will win against UNC Saturday night, to make a annoucement over the PA for the crowd to refrain from storming the court until after the Tar Heel players have left the floor? Since students running out on the floor poses such an extreme threat to opposing players UNC is expecting Duke officials and Mike Krzyzweski in particular to take the appopriate steps to make sure Duke fans are not placed in a position to harm UNC players.

The sheer hypocrisy of complaining about safety issues from fans rushing the court coming from the Duke head coach makes my head spin.