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From Dayton, OH where everyone's chic pic to beat UNC in the second round, Michigan St., lost to a team playing without a key player. Given the struggles we have seen tonight from UConn as well as the Iowa loss to Northwestern St., this is a dangerous fame for UNC. Time to take care of business.

9:46 PM
CBS has switched over to Dayton here in Raleigh.

9:48 PM
Murray St. controls the tip and scores off Hansbrough inside 2-0 Racers.

Reyshawn Terry for three....YES! That is a good start for him.

9:50 PM
Three quick fouls on Murray St. Free throws good for Tyler Hansbrough, UNC up 7-2

UNC rebounding well early on. If Murray State does not shoot well, it should be a lot of one and out possessions for them.

9:52 PM
Good defense forces the shot clock violation.

Murray State is cold early. One shot and out for the Racers.

9:54 PM
1st TV timeout following another Racer foul. UNC looks much more relaxed and generally sharper than they did last week against Virginia in the ACC Quarterfinals. It appears they are trying to get Hansbrough touches early and run the offense through him.

9:55 PM
I am not a Chevy guy and now that Coach K is shilling for them I will never be a Chevy guy.

9:57 PM
Murray St. has committed its fifth foul five minutes in. Now we have the customary "Roy Williams did a great job losing seven players and still making the Tournament" discussion.

9:59 PM
Poor execution by the Heels followed by a turnover. Murray St. is detecting a little window to rally back into this game.

Murray St gets the timeout falling out of bounds. UNC up 8-4.

10:00 PM
I have seen the Devil and he drives a Cheverolet.

10:02 PM
Murray St. ball out of the timeout trailing 8-4

18 foot jumper from Murray St.

UNC answers on the other end.

Steal by Marcus Ginyard goes in and is fouled.

Ginyard makes both free throws to put UNC up 13-6

Murray St has six fouls.

10:04 PM
Back to back threes from the Racers to pull within one.

Byron Sanders hits the layup to move the lead out to 15-12.

10:06 PM
UNC outhustled quite a bit on some rebounds. The Racers miss several shots and Byron Sanders finally grabs it and forces the jump ball. Should be UNC ball.

2nd TV Timeout

10:08 PM
This is the first Coach K-free commercial break I have seen this game.

UNC leading 15-12. UNC inbounds and not taking a lot of shots. Another Tar Heel turnover.

10:09 PM
OH MY GOODNESS!!! Terry on the steal gets it back on the break and leans in for the one handed slam from the middle of the lane over some poor Murray St. player. UNC leads 17-12.

10:10 PM
Terry turnover, UNC's fifth of the half.

10:11 PM
Replay of the Terry dunk. He planted a few feet inside the free throw line.

UNC is fortunate Murray St is so cold.

10:12 PM
Hansbrough breaks the drought to put UNC up 19-12.

Murray St. three cuts it back to four.

10:13 PM
Danny Green answers for three. Murray St. timeout with 8:25 remaining and UNC up 22-15.

10:14 PM
Another Hansbrough travel. 3rd TV tiemout.

10:15 PM
AAGGGHHH! This is the third time I have seen the Coach K commercial. I think they should be forbidden from showing it during a UNC game.

10:18 PM
Token press from the Heels, Racers break it.

David Noel commits a three point shooter. Not a smart move there.

10:19 PM
Redding makes all three free throws then gets a steal and layup. UNC lead down to two.

10:20 PM
Wes Miller misses the front end of the 1-1.

Murray State takes the lead on a three.

10:21 PM
The refs have called a lot of fouls on Murray St and it still feels like they are not calling stuff.

Two Hansbrough free throws puts UNC back up 25-23.

10:23 PM
UNC is very sloppy with the ball. Murray St. is shooting 31% but 9 UNC turnovers are keeping this game close.

Murray St has committed 10 team fouls to UNC's two fouls. The Racer coaching staff is livid.

Hansbrough hits 1 of 2 to put UNC up 26-23

10:25 PM
Murray St jumper cuts it to one.

Quintein Thomas airball, Green lays it in for a three point lead.

10:26 PM
4th TV timeout. UNC has been very sloppy and is not getting great looks. Murray State has taken a lot of three and missed many of them badly. UNC needs to take better care of the ball and get some better offensive effeciency.

10:28 PM
Another bad pass knocked out of bounds for their 10th turnover.

10:30 PM
Racer's Pearson cuts the lead to one.

Ginyard missed the three that bounces out of bounds.

10:31 PM
Hansbrough misses badly, not getting solid offense from him right now.

10:32 PM
DUNK from Hansbrough. Murray St is shooting horribly. A lot of shots not hitting much rim.

UNC leads 30-27

Murray St. cuts it to 30-29.

10:33 PM
UNC in danger of being behind at halftime and they are now behind at halftime.

This is exceptionally frustrating when you consider the following facts:

Murray St was whistled for 11 fouls versus 2 UNC fouls.
Murray St is only shooting 32% from the floor.
UNC has committed 10 turnovers and is not shooting that well.

UNC needs to take better care of the basketball and get some kind of offensive flow going.

If this is any consolation Texas is struggling with Penn and Kansas is trailing Bradley at halftime.

10:54 PM
I can only imagine the butt chewing Roy gave those guys at halftime. Is it just me or are the halftimes in the tournament longer than normal

Murray St. leading scorer Shawn Witherspoon is out for the game with a broken foot.

10:55 PM
Hansbrough puts UNC back in the lead. That is good offensive execution.

10:57 PM
Nice shot by Bobby Frasor opens the lead to three.

Orr for Murray St answers to cut the lead to one.

10:58 PM
Terry at the line and hits two to put UNC up 36-33.

10:59 PM
Outrebounded on the Orr miss.

David Noel extends the lead back to three.

Follow dunk from Griffith and ignites a little momentum.

11:00 PM
Nice backdoor pass to Terry for the easy layup.

Racers answer with the floater, UNC up 40-39.

Terry committs the charge.

11:01 PM
It would be nice for UNC to get on a run and try to open this up a little.

Murray St shooting free throws after the 1st TV timeout of the second half.

11:05 PM
Long commerical.

Racers up one on two free throws.

Another offensive foul for UNC.

No offensive move to the inside.

11:06 PM
Murray State takes a four point lead. UNC needs to score here and they do from Green.

11:07 PM
UNC is allowing way too many offensive rebounds for Murray St.

Hansbrough follows the Ginyard miss to tie the game. Hansbrough is having trouble scoring otherwise.

Thomas to Hansbrough on the break for the slam, UNC leads 46-44.

11:10 PM
Hansbrough tries to lead the break while handling the ball and is called for a travel.

You cannot go zone, they will kill you with threes. Murray State retakes the lead on the three, 47-46.

2nd TV timeout.

11:13 PM
Miss from Ginyard, Murray St. ball.

Hansbrough with another steal and this time he is fouled on the way to the basket.

11:14 PM
Hansbrough hits to free throws for a 48-47 UNC lead.

Another three from Murray St. How many times has UNC gotten beaten by three point shooting in the tournament!

11:16 PM
Terry misses the three and Noel flubs the putback. Danger time for UNC.

Racers' Kennedy throws an elbow. Racers lead 52-48

11:17 PM
Missed three from Green. No offensive rebound.

UNC needs to think about putting together some kind of run here and get control of the game.

Frasor hits two free throws to cut the lead to 52-50.

11:19 PM
Nice steal from Noel, Frasor layup ties the game. Murray St. a little puzzled with the UNC defense.

Danny Green for three....YES...UNC leads 55-52.

11:21 PM
UNC did a great job defending and then lets Murray St drive the lane for a layup.

3rd TV timeout. UNC leads 55-54.

11:22 PM
Kansas is losing by 11 to Bradley. I have them in the Final Four. I quite possible may be in deep bracket trouble.

Texas is only leading Penn by four. I also have them in the Final Four. That would spell complete braket disaster.

11:24 PM
Green hits two free throws to give UNC a 57-54 lead.

Murray St is getting way too many offensive boards.

Racers' Hopkin pulls them within one.

11:26 PM
Hansbrough with the 12 footer to push the lead back to three.

Racers' Jenifer going to the line to shoot two and hits 1 of 2. UNC 59-57

11:27 PM
Hansbrough hits one of two, and UNC gets an offensive rebound.

Green extends the UNC lead to five.

11:29 PM
Green misses a three to put UNC up eight.

Racers' Hopkins on the line for two free throws.

Five minutes to go in the game and UNC leads 62-58.

11:30 PM
How can Hansbrough go up and be surrounded by two defenders and not get FOULED!?!?

Racers' Griffith misses the free throw and Hansbrough loses the ball out of bounds. This stuff is killing UNC.

11:31 PM
Every bounce is going Murray State's way. Hansbrough gets whistled for a phantom foul.

Racers get one of two. UNC now leads 62-61.

Horrible shot from Terry, Ginyard rebounds, over to Terry who drives the lane...

Where is the FOUL CALL!!!

Frasor for three....BIG SHOT! UNC leads 65-61

11:35 PM
Murray St cuts it back to two.

Frasor misses the three. 1:40 to go with UNC leading by two. Murray St. timeout.

The refs have missed some big fouls calls on Murray St. Terry was literally held as he went into the lane for that last shot and there was no call.

11:38 PM
Game tied at 65. 1:00 to go. Roy wants to talk about it.

11:40 PM
Big shot from Hansbrough to put the Heels up by 2!

38 seconds left and Murray St has called timeout.

11:41 PM
Murray St. misses a shot to tie. Noel rebounds out to Ginyard who passes down to Hansbrough.

Racers foul Ginyard with 16 seconds left.

4th TV timeout. Go figure.

11:44 PM
Big free throw here for Ginyard.

First one is good. UNC by 3.

Two possession game with UNC up 69-65. UNC timeout.

11:47 PM
Blocked shot by the Heels. Outlet to Terry who dribbles it out of bounds with four seconds left.

Murray St. ball with four seconds left and UNC leading 69-65.

11:48 PM
Murray St tosses it in and misses the three badly. UNC survives 69-65.

Considering all of the trouble high seeds all over this tournament have had this result is not that bad. Make no mistake UNC has to play better than they did tonight. Hopefully with one tournament game under their belt they will be sharper against George Mason on Sunday.