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UNC Women in the Final Four

Hey, Kara Lawson, how about them apples huh?

For those that do not know Lawson is one of the studio analyst for ESPN who said she had predicted UNC would win the regional at the start of the tournament but on the eve of the regional final said Tennessee has too much experience and was playing too well. I guess having less talent and only one serious player in Candace Parker should not have been considered as factors. UNC went up big early as UT's Candace Parker sat on the bench for 8 minutes in the first half with two fouls(now you know how Michael Jordan felt in 1984). Parker is a great player and aside from a couple of big threes from Shanna Zolman she was the only offense UT had. Ivory Latta had a so-so night for UNC but with UNC leading by just six with three minutes left, Latta put a dagger in the Vols collective heart by nailing a three from 23 feet with 2 seconds left on the shot clock. UNC moves on to Boston to face Maryland, the only team to be them this season. Duke won against UConn so there are three ACC teams in the Final Four and LSU.