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UNC Women vs Tennessee

So the "bracket of death" culminates this evening in Cleveland with the one loss Lady Tar Heels taking on perenniel powerhouse Tennessee coached by the women's all time winningest coach Pat Summit. Although Duke beat these Vols by double digit earlier this year and Tennessee has had some bumps in the road due to injury, do not expect an easy road for UNC who is not playing that well at this point in the Tournament. UNC is the better team and has been all season so it will be an interesting matchup. Of course ESPN cannot help themselves from kissing up to Pat Summitt and Tennessee. Studio analyst Kara Lawson stated last night that she thought UNC would come out of the region and go to the Final Four...BUT, she felt that Tennessee was too experienced and would beat UNC Tuesday night. Someone explain to me how at the start of the tournament you predict UNC would win the region knowing full well they would probably play UT in the regional final and now when it comes down to it you flip flop and say the Vols will win. Of course it all became clearer to me when I realized Lawson played for Pat Summit at Tennessee!!! I would have thought that Pat Summit being the great coach she is would have taught Lawson a few things like having the courage to stick with a prediciton when you make it. Here is hoping Ivory Latta and gang stick the Vols with beating so bad Lawson feels it in Bristol.

In the other regional final Duke plays UConn in the Huskies backyard. Do you think ESPN wanted a UConn-Tennessee national title game bad enough to screw UNC AND Duke with horrible draws and forcing them to play teams on either their home floor or somewhere reasonably close. I hope the Heels win it all but in many ways the women's tournament is a joke. Just ask Stanford about the refereeing last night in their regional final.