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Considering Herb Sendek Gone

Multiple media sources are confirming that NC State head coach Herb Sendek has decided that a $1 million annual salary and not having to put up with a slew of whiny and ungrateful Wolfpacks fans is enough incentive to go to Arizona St. and coach there. Given the pressure he has endured in Raleigh this will be a good move for him. He stays in one of the power conferences and he does not have the ghost of Jim Valvano or the specter of two past NCAA titles literally hanging over his head pushing the fan expectations through the roof.

I actually did say on this blog I thought Sendek had done all he could and probably should consider his options. Sendek did a great job putting the Wolfpack house back in order even if he did not deliver ACC titles and Final Four appearances. I hope he does well in Sun Devil country.