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Michael Irvin is Clueless

I was watching the NFL Draft coverage and ESPN's "analyst"(and I use that term loosely) Michael Irvin is griping and complaining about the Houston Texans passing on USC's Reggie Bush in favor of NC State defensive end Mario Williams for the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Now, on one side, not taking Bush may turn out to be a bad move for the Texans given his incredible talent, but that is not how Houston sees it opting to build defense first.

Irvin, however is irate at this choice and even went as far as to make the moronic assertion that he is tired of saying "defenses win championships" Irvins says this is not true since scoring more points and more specifically scoring more points than you opponent wins championships. He even cites his own Dallas team winning three titles in four years during the early 1990's as evidence that the power of the Cowboy offense was more important than the defense. Of course what Irvin fails to realize is that one way of scoring more points than you opponent is for YOUR DEFENSE TO KEEP THE OTHER TEAM FROM SCORING!!!

How much is ESPN paying this pot smoking clown to get on TV act like a complete buffoon. How about looking at some stats before making such a stupid case. I would assert that you need balance on both sides of the ball to win a title, but even if you offense is mediocre a good defense can keep you in the game and in fact score points for you. If you look at the three Dallas wins from the 1990's they held Buffalo to 13 and 17 points and then allowed only 17 points to Pittsburgh. In fact the most points scored by a Super Bowl loser in the past 26 years is Carolina in 2004 scoring 29 points followed by a couple of losers at 24 points. Baltimore held the Giants to seven points in 2001, and in 2001 Ty Law's interception return for a touchdown accounted for 35% of New England's points in a 20-17 win.

I get that Michael Irvin is an offense guy because he was a wide receiver. I also understand that if you do not have a good defense to stop the other team and get the offense on the field to actually score points then you will not win many championships if any.

Michael Irvin: Football Genius