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Random Thoughts

Barry Bonds agent has indicated the embattled slugger might be interested in returning for the 2007 season. Over at ESPN several executives needed to be treated for excessive excitment over the possibilities of another full season of breaking news stories, scandal exposes, nightly highlights of his accomplishments, and plenty of "Chasing Hank Aaron" updates throughout the season. Excuse while I gouge my eyes out.

Michelle Wie made the cut at a men's tournament held in South Korea and eventually finished 12 strokes back of the winner of the SK Telecom Open. She also made it past the first round of qualifying for the men's U.S. Open. Now, I have no problem with a woman trying to play on the men's tour and if she is successful so be it. And no I am not one of these people who say men should be allowed to play on the women's tour that just seems silly to me. However, I would find Wie's pursuit of winning on the men's side a little more compelling if she had actually won an event against the women. So far she has not one single win on the LPGA tour and could be accused of dodging other female teenage phenoms. My take on this is that she should prove her goods against the LPGA before attempting to move over to the men's side.

An internal Duke University report has placed part of the blame for the administration's slow reaction to the rape allegations against members of the lacrosse team on the Durham police who initially indicated to Duke campus police that the accuser had no credibility. The initial report from Durham PD said she had accused 20 players of assaulting her and that the whole thing would simply blow over. Her story eventually changed to say three attackers raped her and the Durham DA picked up the cause. Now I still do not know who is telling the truth here. Because of the deluge of evidence from the defense into the very willing media hopper it is easy to lean torwards the players being innocent. This report from Duke along with the compromised identification process in which the accuser was only shown Duke lacrosse players spells out two words: Reasonable Doubt. That is if it ever makes it to trial. I think you have good odds now that the accuser will eventually back out of the case much like Kobe Bryant's accuser did. The civil lawsuit will come shortly thereafter.

And the Carolina Hurricanes are now up 3-0 on the New Jersey Devils. They win on the road 3-2. That should wrap up the series for the most part.