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Joe Dailey Named UNC Starting QB

Well I guess that answers question #2. ACC Now is reporting that junior Nebraska transfer Joe Dailey will be the starting quarterback when UNC takes the field on Saturday against Rutgers. John Bunting also said redshirt freshman Cam Sexton will see some time under center but was mum on the specifics only saying that Dailey has "earned the right to start" and Sexton has "earned the right to play."

Since neither one played last season my first reaction is that he going with Dailey's experience in hopes he will have a steadier hand out there in the opener when guys stomachs are in the throats anyway. He probably plans to bring Sexton if the game dictates such a move or if the opportunity presents itself to ease the redhsirt freshman into a more controlled circumstance.

Hat tip: Joe at 850/620

UPDATE: has more on the decision to start Dailey over Sexton.

UPDATE #2: The News and Observer's article on the Dailey decision.