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Media Roundup

  • The WSJ(Winston Salem Journal not Wall Street Journal) casts the spotlight onto UNC defensive tackle Shelton Bynum. [Winston Salem Journal]
  • I actually missed this on Monday but the N&O's Ned Barnett considers the state of the UNC football program under John Bunting. [News and Observer]
  • Mark Schlabach is back with "5 Predictions for the Big East Season" in which he asserts the Big East will "flex its growing muscles" against the ACC (if you consider beating Wake, UVa, and Maryland "flexing your muscles.") Rutgers upsetting UNC in Chapel Hill? We'll see. [ESPN]
  • According to the Washington Post, Maryland has inked a naming rights deal for Byrd Stadium which is now going to be called Chevy Chase Bank Field at Byrd Stadium. I agree with J.P. Giglio, let's just call it Byrd Stadium. [ACC Now]
  • And there is much ado about a new NCAA rule which allows players who have finished their degree to transfer immediately to a new school. Needless to say the coaches are unhappy. [Charlotte Observer]