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ACC Football Week #4: Preview

This will be a quick and painless version of the preview because (A) The matchups are fairly straightforward and (B) I am getting ready to leave town for a long weekend which limits my blogging time somewhat. Here is the ACC this week:

Thursday, September 21st

Virginia at Georgia Tech, 7:30 PM, ESPN

Another Thursday night game for the ACC. This one was a good matchup a long time ago but now Al Groh and his bloated contract have floundered a bit in Charlottesville leading to a 17-10 loss to Western Michigan last week. Georgia Tech shocked the nation(at the time anyway) by hanging with Notre Dame in the opener(who turned out to be somewhat of a paper tiger.) Since then the Yellow Jackets have won two straight of the cupcake variety. So in a way this is the first decent team Tech has seen since the Irish were in Atlanta. In short UVa is just suffering this season with very little in the way of offense and GT is enjoying one of its better seasons under Chan Gailey. GT 38 UVa 7

Saturday, September 23rd

North Carolina at #19 Clemson, 12:00 PM, Lincoln Financial Network

I will have more on this later, though I cannot imagine what I can possibly say. Clemson 41 UNC 21

Cincinnati at #11 Virginia Tech, 12:00 PM, ESPNU

So if we learned anything about Cincinnati last week when they played Ohio State was that they are not a bad team. Are they going to beat the Hokies? Not a chance. And am putting the over/under on VT scoring or setting up a touchdown via special teams at 1.5. VT 35 Cincinnati 13

Rice at Florida State, 3:30 PM, ESPNU

Rice is 0-3 and last week got smoked 52-7 by Texas. Running game or not FSU ought to be just fine. FSU 38 Rice 10.

Florida International at Maryland, 6:00 PM

Consider these facts: FIU is 0-3. FIU is in the Sun Belt Conference. FIU lost 7-6 to Middle Tennessee St. a team which Maryland beat 24-10 two weeks ago. So extroplating from the two scores I figure Maryland wins 31-3.

Wake Forest at Mississippi, 6:00 PM

I this week is when the Wake Forest injuries catch up with them, especially the loss of their running back, Micah Andrews. Then again Old Miss lost to Kentucky of all teams and have their only win over Memphis who ECU beat last week. So let's say Wake can compensate for the loss of Andrews, the Rebels are a weak team which makes this one a tough call. I think the injuries and the road game are one too many factors. No shame in 3-1 at this point for Jim Grobe. Old Miss 21 Wake Forest 19.

#20 Boston College at NC State, 8:00 PM, ESPN2

Wow, NC State gets to play a televised game which most everyone will see. Daniel Evans will start at QB for the Wolfpack after Marcus Stone proved less effective that a water gun in a forest fire. Evans is the son of former NC State QB Johnny Evans who had a fairly successful stint for the Pack and also attends my church. So Tar Heel Fan will officially issue an exception to pulling against a rival this week and wish the younger Evans well in his first start. This is a strange game. BC has not look that impressive even though they did beat Clemson in OT. NC State is due for a big win and the QB change by inspire some huge efforts from the NC State players. There also seems to be a feeling among some in the media that this game could be a huge sneak win for the Wolfpack. So let's go with that vibe and the fact beating BC will only confuse Wolfpack nation further. NC State 28 Boston College 24.

Duke vs. BYE

I'll take BYE and the points.

Miami vs. BYE

So here's the problem for Larry Coker. Seeing as though he is already a little warm in his chair his team goes to Louisville, stomps on the mid-field logo before the game, and then get their clocks cleaned by the Cardinals who were missing their starting running back and lost the starting QB in the third quarter. And in light of this embarassing loss which dropped his team to 1-2 and out of the polls for the first time in seven years he gets a bye week. Why is that bad? Because at least the next game would change the subject in the media but instead he gets a full week of opinions and rumors concerning his future. If Miami was scheduled to play this week, he would have answered questions about the loss and the state of the program for 2-3 days before attention refocused on the next opponent. With the bye week attention will not shift to that opponent until next week which means nothing but fun for Larry Coker in Miami.

Last Week: 5-5
Season: 20-9