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Elsewhere in College Football

Since UNC is off this week and I have exhausted myself of further need to discuss the John Bunting issue I thought it would be nice to take a look at what else is happening in college football and which games I will probably catch this weekend.

It all began last night actually with Auburn beating South Carolina 24-17 in Columbia. That is actually a nice effort for the Gamecocks against a defense most people thought was inpenatrable after the LSU game. Of course it also helps the Auburn had the ball for the entire third quarter. That's right, USC did not run a single play on offense in the third quarter. Auburn received the kick off to start the half and then went on an eight minute plus scoring drive for a field goal, recovered an onside kick and then scored a touchdown to end the quarter following a six minute plus drive. Call me crazy but it is hard to win a game when your offense is only on the field for three quarters. Also, the buzz on the onside kick is that Auburn "stole a page from the Old Ball Coach Steve Spurrier." Which means I have to ask. If Spurrier has a distinct reputation for pulling all sorts of suprise plays and everyone else starts doing it doesn't it make Spurrier more ordinary. I still think Spurrier is a great X 's and O's coach but I think the luster has worn off the "whole tricky old ball coach" routine.

#23 Rutgers at South Florida, Friday, September 29th

This is a common opponent game for UNC. My biggest question here will be how well the South Florida offense plays against a Rutgers defense that has been good although not against great competition.(UNC unfortunately included in that company) Since UNC is so weak on defense it will be interesting to see if the SF offense is something that is going to run roughshot over Tar Heel defenders or perhaps they will be able to handle it. A look at SF's run defense will also be enlightening. Since the UNC coaches should have a free evening I am really hoping they are watching this one ahead of the Oct. 14 meeting with the Bulls in Chapel Hill.

#1 Ohio State at #13 Iowa, Saturday, September 30th

This is the ABC Saturday Night Game of the Week so I am being forced to care about it. Not really but it is an interesting matchup. It always pays to tune in and watch the #1 team in the country on the road against a ranked opponent because the opportunity for an upset is present. And since the regular season is essentially the playoff, a loss for OSU could spell elmination from the national title race. So I will give it a look and I always tend to pull for the underdog. Sorry Buckeyes.

And that's it. Wow, what a shame after having all of the great football two weeks ago now we have only two games featuring ranked teams playing each other: OSU-Iowa and GT-VT. The Rutgers-SF game is not even one I would look at were it not for the UNC implications. Well at least baseball has some interesting division/wild card races to watch.