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How Bad Is It For Duke Football?

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On my drive into work this morning I was listening to 620 the Bull and heard the "Duke Football Report" segment with Duke football coach Ted Roof and play-by-play man Bob Harris. Now, it should be noted that these segments are nothing more than another outlet in the aforementioned "state run media" which all college athletic programs are employing now to produce their own news and analysis as well as PR and marketing. That is why the most riveting question we get from Bob Harris is whether or not the Duke football team will be staying one of the fine lodging establishments in Winston-Salem on Friday night. However there comes a point when even the "state run media" is unable to avoid the truth which was revealed in this exchange between Roof and Harris parphrased below:

Harris: Coach, your mentor was [former Georgia Tech coach]Bobby Dodd, what did you learn from him which helps you during times like this?

Roof: Well...uh....

Harris: Of course he never lost this much but...

Roof(nervous laugh): Well, no...

Nice. Things are so bad for Duke football that the coach gets called out by his own play-by-play announcer during an official broadcast on the flagship station for the excessive losing that has occurred during his tenure. Something tells me Bob Harris is just going through the motions until basketball season starts.