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J.P. Giglio on UNC-Rutgers

J.P. Giglio, in his review of Week 1 had this to say about UNC's loss to Rutgers:

Why did UNC coach John Bunting blame his defense for the 21-16 loss to Rutgers?

Most coaches would have taken the blame themselves for the first loss and then tell their players, the next one’s on you.

And since when is 16 points, at home no less, good enough to win a football game?

The offensive play-call on fourth-and-goal that had Ronnie McGill at fullback and a poor throw by quarterback Joe Dailey on the Heels’ final offensive play had more to do with Bunting’s fifth season-opening loss in six seasons than the defense, which actually made a three-and-out stop when it was absolutely necessary.

Blame game aside, it wouldn’t shock me if the Heels found a way to beat Virginia Tech on Saturday. Remember, before beating Miami at Kenan Stadium in 2004, UNC lost to Utah 46-16.

I do not necessarily disagree with Giglio here. The defense looked very bad and I think that is why they get the most attention. Joe Dailey threw two interceptions that were simply the result of poor decision making with the final one the death nail for UNC's hopes of a late rally. The fourth down play right on the goal line(which started as first and goal from the 5) highlights one of big issues I have had with UNC since John Bunting arrived and that is the penchant for the coaching staff to call the wrong play for the situation at hand. Red zone production was a problem last season and supposedly the addition of Frank Cignetti as the offensive coordinator should have addressed that issue. In this particular instances he failed to live up to the hype.

Giglio also pointed out that is was unusual for a coach to blame his players the first time out instead of himself. Bunting may be looking to motivate them by publically flogging them. Then again, it is not like Bunting is the most media savvy coach in the ACC either.

As for Virginia Tech this weekend, unless the Hokies show up and have a horrendus day with turnovers and UNC catches a couple of breakdowns on the the defense which lead to key scores I really cannot see the Heels winning. It is difficult for me to based their chances for winning on the fact they beat Miami following the massacre at Utah in 2004. The more I look back on that the more it looks like one of those "bling hog and the acorn" situations.

Also, in his Late Hits post yesterday, Giglio said that Bunting could be a politician if the coaching career goes south since he illustrated a gift for double talk and confusing rhetoric during the preseason. I have to disagree with Giglio on this one. Bunting would not make it in politics because in politics you actually have to win to keep your job which is obviously not a requirement in Chapel Hill.