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Links of Interest

Here are some of today's stories from blogs and newspapers alike:

  • David Glenn, who says he watches games twice(how do you have time for this?), breaks down the UNC-Rutgers game. Glenn provides some nice details on individual play as well as some of the Xs and Os which I am grossly underqualified to talk about. [ACC Journal]
  • The News and Observer checks in with an interesting article about the prominence of official web sites for the local athletic programs. Now each school has their own little media outlet for purposes of positive PR and marketing. Think of it as "state run media" for the athletic department. [News and Observer]
  • Speaking of which, Tar Heel Blue's Lee Pace looks back at Rutgers while also looking ahead(and hurting his neck I'm sure.) And remember, the run defense was not beaten physically they just missed assignments and in no way is the coaching staff to blame for that. [Extra Points]
  • Also at the N&O, a look back at the death of a UNC player in 1971 from heat exhaustion which led to numerous changes concerning medical supervision of athletic practices. Just another example of an extreme event leading to necessary reform. [News and Observer]
  • The Winston-Salem Journal tells us that John Bunting is hoping whatever defensive ends coach Danny Pearman picked during his eight years in Blacksburg will help the Heels on Saturday. Nevermind Pearman is not so sure but hey it works for Chuck Amato doesn't it? [WSJ]
  • The Charlotte Observer also shows some love for Danny Pearman.[Charlotte Observer]
  • Inside Carolina has 10 Key Facts About Virginia Tech.[Inside Carolina]