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Media Roundup

As you might imagine the UNC defense is getting the media microscope this week. Surrendering 521 yards of offense to a I-AA school which came in averaging 86 yards of passing tends to pique people's attention. That and the fact John Bunting said and I quote, "We've got talented guys sitting on the bench over there, the only thing that's wrong with them is they have not played." (Sigh) The reason I bring this quote up is that it has made it into two articles about the UNC defense. In fact both articles have two Bunting quotes each and this was one of them. I am so glad that is out there for the world to read:

N&O: Secondary may shift for Clemson
Charlotte Observer: UNC's alibi for slow start? The defense rests

Another topic on people's minds is which ACC coaches are on the hot seat. Dave Sez has a nice post rating all 12 ACC coaches' employment viability at their present institution. Another year of Bunting? Say it ain't so!

Dave Sez: Hot or Not

Cam Sexton acquitted himself well against Furman on Saturday and the media took notice.

News and Record: Free-spirited Sexton calms Heels' nerves
Winston-Salem Journal: On Hostile Ground: Sexton will make his first road start for UNC

And in other ACC news:

NC State will go with Daniel Evans on Saturday against Boston College on Saturday much to the delight of Red and White from NC State. More on Evans from the N&R, and the N&O's Caulton Tudor.

Wake Forest is 3-0 but lost another key offensive player. At this point you just feel sorry for Jim Grobe.

Duke's Ted Roof is hoping a new video system will help them improve on the field. Then again unless the video system can block I really do not see how.

And WDBJ, a local TV station in Virginia, is touting a new means of keeping tracking of Hokie players during the game. It is a laminated card that "lists Hokie players and positions on offense, defense, and special teams." I can only assume they are also planning to develop some kind of system to help fans track Virginia Tech personal fouls as well.