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Steve Logan on UNC

First let me say I like Steve Logan on 620 the Bull and have great respect for his opinion on football matters. That being said I also think he is wrong in his analysis of the Bunting situation. Logan spent a lot of time yesterday placing the blame for UNC's loss at Clemson on the players and stating that UNC's problems are mainly related to player effort and not the coaches. While I do not necessarily disagree with that assessment I think it is a little short sighted. The Clemson game and the present season are not being played within a time bubble. They are explicitly connected to the five seasons before this one. The game itself was the 64th under Bunting and it constituted the 12th 30+ point loss in his tenure. If this was the first or second time UNC had been blown out in this fashion perhaps Tar Heel Nation would respond a little differently. Yes, the players might be to blame for this game but can we reasonably conclude that the players are to blame in the other 11 blowout losses? Were the players at fault in giving up 42 points to Furman or last season when UNC lost 69-14 to Lousiville?

The fact of the matter is this game and this season constitute part of a pattern of losses under Bunting and while it is easy to absolve the coach and blame the players, if it keeps happening season after season then the coach ultimately gets the blame for failing to bring in and motivate the right players. At some point you have to take a step back and see that the team performance or the win-loss record are not up to par. It becomes painfully obvious after so many seasons that the program is simply not trending upward but seems to be floundering. When the seasons pile up and this kind of medicore football product is continually produced with different classes of players there is on inescapable conclusion and that is the one constant in the whole equation, the head coach, must be ultimately at fault for the situation.