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The John Bunting Watch Roundup

Over the past five days we have seen a flurry of media activity as well as a high level of message board chatter all pointing to John Bunting's potential ouster at UNC. Since this is also a bye week for the Tar Heels it really drove the focus of the media and this blogger since there was no upcoming game to draw a bead on. So here are links to all of the major articles on the Bunting situation since the 52-7 thrashing in Death Valley.

N&O: Bunting Failing the Heels
N&O: Clock Ticks for Bunting
N&O: Stay or Go
N&O: Don't Discount Bunting
ACC Now: Bunting Ignoring Job Talk
ACC Now: Bunting to UNC Fans: Hang in There
N&R: Tar Heel Coach Gets Vote of Confidence
N&R Sports Extra: Fickle Fate of Football Coaches
WSJ: WOEFUL: Baddour Says Tar Heels Will Rebound
Wilmington Star: Carolina's Futility Tells Ugly Tale
David Glenn: Bunting's Biggest Problem
Charlotte Observer: Bunting's Critics Get Louder OK to Root Against Your Team?
EDSBS: Buys and Sells: Week Four
Vandermint Auditorium: John Bunting and the 2001 Coaching Class

Barring any new events in the Bunting saga I am going to make it a point to go Bunting-free for the next few days and focus on other college football happenings as well as talking about basketball which is just a scant two weeks away.