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South Florida 37, UNC 20

Or, I Went to Charlotte and All I Got Was This Lousy Football Team

I spent the weekend in Charlotte for an old buddy's wedding, hence the past couple of days' radio silence. We managed to catch most of the game before the ceremony, and the current state of the team took up much of the discussion amongst the young alumni and old Rams Club members in attendance. Some thoughts:

  • For all the blame Cam Sexton is taking for the two interceptions - well deserved, as both of those passes were truly awful - the scary thing was his general skittishness on the field. The wacky fumble out of bounds on one scramble and the stepping out of bounds for an eight yard loss rather than throw the ball away leap to mind. He looked scared of being touched.
  • Bunting is toast. It's not just another bad loss. There was a ridculous number of penalties (10 for 87 yards), the best offensive play of the day was apparently thought up by the kicking team, and at no point did the team look in control on either side of the ball. Hell, they often didn't look like they knew what they were doing.
  • The general consensus from our pessimistic conversations is that UNC will lose to Duke this year. But beat N.C. State. Not due to some imporvement in play, but simply because it will annoy Wolfpack fans.
  • Also generally agreed upon - almost everyone I talked to would be happy with consistent six and seven win seasons. Maybe apush into double digits and threaten for the conference championship once and twice a decade. Just 1993-1995 Mack Brown level of play, which if you remember wasn't all that impressive. But at least it was a squad other teams were worried about playing.
  • We're all Wake Forest fans now.
  • It's officially basketball season.