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Requiem for a Bunch of Dorks

A game as hapless as UNC-Virginia, and the commentators start grasping around for something to talk about. Chris Fowler seems determined to turn UVa into some sort of Harvard-Yale hybrid, inventing educational pedigrees and traditions that anyone who's met a Charlottesville grad know just aren't there. Kirk Herbstreit is happy to spend three hours giving Cam Sexton a quarterback clinic from the broadcast booth (and he could use it). Me, I just keep flashing on all the bumper shots of the Virginia band.

The current band is a creation of ther last few years, but if you my fondness for drunken antics and caustic mockery, you miss the Virgina Pep Band. Banned by two state legislatures and kicked off their own field more times than I can count, they were never boring and sometimes funny. More than you can say about most bands.

That Sewell kid can run, can't he? Luckily for UNC, he doesn't have anyone who can catch. I'm off to Pittsburgh for the weekend - it's for another wedding, I've not gone off an become a Rutgers fan or anything - so this space will be blank for the weekend. Have fun.