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Last Thoughts on Personnel Changes

Your 10-word, exectutive summary of the Bunting Era at UNC:

Loved in the metro section, loathed in the sports pages.

The criticism in the sports section is a little out of line. I don't recall too many headlines in the N&O six years ago trumpeting UNC's "unserious" hire. Sure, everybody had their favorite, some of which look pretty prescient in hindsight. But all I remember reading after Bunting's hiring was how great this would be for recruiting, what with his NFL experience and all. And to be honest, he's got practically the same college experience as Charlie Weis, and I don't think anyone's complaining about Notre Dame aiming small.

As for the other side of the coin, that the Bunting firing sends a message that character and academics aren't as important as winning - which Saunders doesn't say, but has been put forth elsewhere - well, that's not really true either. I truly hope the next coach at North Carolina puts every bit as much importance on off-field behavior as Bunting has. I also hope he wins more games. Both elements are part of the job. Both need to be done well.

Now, is it basketball season yet?