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Your Monday Morning Entertainment

If you haven't already resigned yourself to this, do so now: there's not going to be much coaching search news coming out of Chapel Hill for awhile. Most of the targets are a little tied up with, you know, football season, so all UNC can do is flirt with Butch Davis and do Gatoresque background plotting of any other candidate. There's not going to be the obsessive planespotting that characterized the Wolfpack basketball coaching search. On the bright side, this lets us step away from the business dealings at look at some of the, for lack of a better word, batshit insane ideas floating around the internet. My favorites for the day both center around Mike Paulus:

The first idea comes from the other side of the fence, as Red and White from State has a way to fix Wolfpack football - hire away Frank Cignetti. The logic being that Mike Paulus would follow Cignetti to Raleigh, and bring a fair number of UNC's recruiting class with him. Because apparently a lot of people choose a college based on the offensive coordinator and another high school senior's opinion on the place.

Equally wacky, and coming from USENET, is the plan to hire Tennessee offensive coordinator and former Ole Miss coach David Cutcliffe, to impress Paulus with his Manning brothers connection. This to is... actually, that's not the worst idea I've ever heard. It's too obsessed with a incoming recruit - you don't let a high school senior control your hiring process - but Cutcliffe did pretty well at Mississippi. Any SEC folks have any opinions about the man?

And if you don't care at all about uninformed opinions on a job search, feel free to skip around our blog-cult and sympathize with the miseries of folks with higher expectations than UNC fans.