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Someone's Been Taking "How to Market Yourself" Classes at the Local Community College

What's our favorite type of coaching rumors, boys and girls? Batshit insane coaching rumors!

Today's comes from the Fort-Worth Star Telegram by way of, and it says:

Gene Chizik, Texas' co-defensive coordinator, figures to be among the candidates approached when North Carolina officials begin actively pursuing the successor to lame-duck coach John Bunting.

Because there's nothing UNC loves more than defensive coordinators hired by Mack Brown.

This particular bit of insanity has been fun to watch worm its way through the media. First Dave Glenn lists him among the folks cold-calling UNC for job offers, with the great blind quote:

"Suffice it to say that 90 percent of [the folks soliciting UNC] have absolutely no chance of getting the job."
Then Chizik mentions it to the local paper, who dutifly print it. It's picked up by desperate-for-news SI, and suddenly his picture in a goofy hat is all over the interwebs. (And then you get mocked by anonymous dorks on the internet. I'm sure that really keeps a man up at night.) So well played, obscure coordinator guy, well played.