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Soft Bigotry of Yadda Yadda Yadda

I really hope I'm interpreting this wrong, but I noticed this quote in one of last week's everpresent hot seat articles:

"In many ways we have (the program going in the right direction)," Bunting said. "But it doesn't show in the win-loss column. This year, we're one game behind schedule. It's very disappointing we lost three games and were blown out at Clemson, but we're gonna take the high road here. The players have a great deal of character and as we get better, we'll get confidence. But that comes with playing well."

"We're one game behind schedule." I assume the game in question was Rutgers, and that Miami was another "scheduled" loss. I'd don't even want to know what the team is "scheduled" to do for the season. I'll assume Notre Dame and Georgia Tech aren't "scheduled" wins, but how about Virginia? N.C. State? Wake Forest? Just how low is the bar, here?

I can see myself being confident in a 2-3 Tar Heel team at this point in the season. Sure Virginia Tech is having a down year, and Miami looks outright mediocre at this point, but a team playing close-fought games where the breaks just go the other way - I could be hopeful about that team.

This isn't that team. This team's hasn't had a lead against a D1-A squad since they were up on Virginia Tech 3-0, which coincidentally enough is the only such lead they've had all season. They've been outscored 135-40 in four games. They gave up more points to Furman than anyone else on the Paladins D1-AA slate. They're more than "one game behind schedule." They haven't shown up for the season yet.

By all means, take the high road. But I hope it leads to the end zone, because it's turning into a damn long year otherwise.