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ACC Football Week #7: Review

This is going to be the short, short version because I was playing par 3 golf Saturday night and replacing some wet insulation under my house on Sunday.

Boston College 22 #22 Virginia Tech 3

Big win for BC. Kirk Herbstreit's fit over the complete breakdown of the Hokie team which included a fight on the sideline and one player dancing on the field during a timeout with BC up 20-3 was classic. VT has lost two straight and pretty much are toast in the race for Jacksonville. So now that Miami and VT are both unranked someone please tell me why we picked these two up to enhance the football in the conference?

#12 Clemson 63 Temple 9

How in the world does Clemson let Temple score points? Dessert is over for Clemson, nothing but legitimate teams from this point on.

Wake Forest 25 NC State 23

Daniel Evans is human after all, then again he plays QB better with a concussion than UNC QBs do with a clear head. Chuck Amato's assertion is correct in that NC State cannot keep playing with fire and hoping Evans pulls their collective rear ends out with more heroics. Wake Forest has one of the real deal kickers in college football who hit not one but three FGs from 50+. That really makes that botched snap last week even more daunting because he probably would have made that FG too and put Wake up 20-3 on Clemson. Anyway, Wake Forest got to six wins and bowl eligibility. The Deacs are still in the Jacksonville conversation but unfortunately are in the crowded Atlantic division with four other teams who are in the discussion too. Kudos to Jim Grobe who on a weekly basis makes John Bunting look more and more inept for failing to win with arguably better talent. Also I have only been right once when picking against Wake Forest, so I am taking the Deacons from here on out.

South Florida 37 UNC 20

The John Bunting resignation watch has begun. Larry Edwards, the only UNC defender worth a grain of salt, is out for the season with a broken collarbone.

Florida State 51 Duke 24

FSU gave up 24 points to Duke? I am having serious concerns that beating Duke might be a problem for UNC.

Maryland 28 UVa 26

Good game. This was more offense than I expected which does not bode well for UNC considering the only hope the Heels had was the fact UVa was not a very good offense. Maryland is 4-2, by the way, but need to scrap for two wins against a decent string of opponents.

Miami 35 Florida International 0

This game was marred by horrendus brawl which may have been instigated by FIU but was dutifully carried forward by Miami. And so I will ask again. Why did the picke up Miami and VT for football purposes? Among the shocking aspects of the brawl was the swinging of the helmets at other players, the kicking of players while they were laying prone on the ground, and the Miami color analyst, Lamar Thomas condoning the Miami players behavior and even opining to join them on the field to participate in the beatdown. Of course Deadspin had the best take on the brawl when they said,

You know who plays football for Florida International? Guys who wanted to go to Miami, but couldn't because they stabbed someone in high school.

Nice. The ACC has answered by suspending 13 players from Miami(Larry Coker had suspeneded eight players but the ACC was obviously not satisfied). And who might be the beneficiary from this fiasco? Duke who hosts Miami next week. And wouldn't that be funny if Duke finally wins a game against a Miami team missing 13 players due to a brawl.

This Week: 5-2
This Season: 41-14